French jewellery house Chaumet reveals the freshest face to headline its hopelessly romantic jewellery collection

Language has a wonderful way of bringing disparate world cultures together. Take the word ‘lien’. Meaning ‘link’ in French and ‘fate’ in Chinese, it plays on the idea of our shared destiny and collective sense of hope. Which is why renowned French jewellery brand, Chaumet, chose it as the name of their dazzling collections.

Fronted by Chinese actress Gao Yuan Yuan, the beautiful Liens de Seduction pieces are part of the bigger Liens de Chaumet collection that has been delighting jewellery lovers since 1970.

Set with diamonds, in either rose or white gold, the 16 fine jewellery pieces in Liens de Seduction comprise of wide rings, bracelets, hoop earrings, ear studs and pendants. Feminine, whimsical and elegant, they play with the wonderfully Parisian concept of attraction and desire and creating elegance from the understated.

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Speaking of the irresistible, Gao Yuan Yuan has been an ardent admirer of Chaumet for decades having worn the brand's pieces to film premieres and five-star events for years. This was partly because of her love of the jewellery designs, but also due to her attraction to the company’s message.

A strong believer in fate, Gao Yuan Yuan was drawn to the fact that much of Chaumet’s aesthetic was inspired by the concept of destiny, and creating a link between the past, present and future. This began with the founding story of the brand – the famously passionate affair between Emperor Napoleon and his wife Josephine, and finishing with iconic modern Parisian love stories.

And according to Gao Yuan Yuan, this focus on how the past is linked to our fate is the key to unlocking both hope and happiness. “I believe fate is ever changing, yet always delightful,” she says. Links - or “liens” – are the driving forces that affect our lives, making all things possible.”

Other Liens collections include Liens d’Evidence, which focuses on aesthetic purity and simple graphic lines and Liens d’Amour, which uses exquisite coloured stones to celebrate the union of two souls. Then there is Jeux de Liens, a more playful and youthful collection that uses rose gold and feminine designs with aplomb.

And finally, there is Liens de Seduction, a passionate yet playful collection that uses ribbons of dazzling diamonds to render the wearer utterly irresistible. Much like Gao Yuan Yuan herself, and the elegant brand she represents.

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