Take a closer look at Chanel's Coromandel high jewellery collection in Paris
Above Video: Tyrone Wu/Hong Kong Tatler

Under Paris' glorious summer skies, Tatler 500-lister Emily Lam-Ho strolls the city's charming alleys and tree-lined avenues, roams the majestic Grand Palais and gets lost in nostalgia inside Coco Chanel's apartment along Rue Cambon, as she discovers Chanel's latest high jewellery collection, Coromandel.

Clad in stunning jewellery by the French maison, Emily rekindles her love for the City of Lights, whilst developing a deeper appreciation for the brand she's admired for many years and its successful foray into the world of jewellery. 

Chanel's spectacular high jewellery collection captures the Coromandel screens found in Coco Chanel’s homes, with designs lifted straight from the beautiful scenes illustrated on the lacquer screens where all manner of stylised flowers, animals and minerals evoke the exoticism of the East.

Join Emily as she explores yet another chapter of Coco Chanel's captivating universe. 

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