The Malaysian jewellery brand unveils precious and dazzling masterpieces that wax lyrical of the Byzantine, Goth and oriental eras.

While it’s undeniable that nature’s beauty plays infinite muse to many a jeweller, architecture and geometric landmarks too feed the imagination. Aiming to capture the emotive nature of manmade marvels, DeGem created the ‘ARchT’ collection built on the theme of architecture.

To bring iconic world monuments to life, the ArchT collection harnessed a dynamic selection of precious stones, like unique sugarloaf tanzanites and emeralds, rare unheated rubies and sapphires and custom malachite and lapis lazuli gems. Under the skilled hands of artisans and jewellery designers, DeGem pays tribute to collections encompassing Byzantine, Goth and oriental eras, in dazzling earrings, rings and necklaces.

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The Ottoman’s domes and arches were evoked in pink spinels of pear shapes as part of the Grandeur series, alongside an Azure Opulence range of diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. Revisiting the carved motifs of Basilica San Marco in Venice, were eclectic diamond pieces inspired by old Italian charm. Chinese lattices and their elaborate patterns were told in a series of gemstones with intense blue hues and pyrite speckles.

In celebration of this milestone collection, DeGem threw an afternoon tea for esteemed guests and clients at the Majestic Hotel, where they were privy to a launch showcase. Models gave a fine presentation of the ARchT collection pairing with Khoon Hooi’s fall/winter 2017 dresses, as part of the indulgent event of fine food and fashionable jewellery. View the gallery below: