TATLER FOCUS Chaumet's new stackable jewellery collection is perfect for expressing your personal style

Chaumet has been creating jewellery for royalty for a long time—since 1780, to be exact, when a man named Marie-Étienne Nitot founded his jewellery house in the heart of Paris. He had trained under the court jeweller of Marie Antoinette, and Nitot soon found himself being appointed the court jeweller as well, creating spectacular pieces of jewellery for the next royals to ascend the throne. Those royals just happened to be Napoleon Bonaparte and his empress, Joséphine de Beauharnais.

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Empress Joséphine was renowned for her feminine and flamboyant sense of style, and Nitot created countless pieces of jewellery for both her and Napoleon. One of the most significant pieces of jewellery was of course her royal tiara, which had aigrette (or plume, in English) motifs. Today, Chaumet has integrated that motif into its novelties in the Joséphine Aigrette collection. The collection features numerous stackable rings, necklaces and earrings that are perfect for both wearing individually for casual daywear and stacking for maximum evening impact.

Chaumet has launched a Make It Yours digital ring builder so you can create your perfect ring stack online. But do check out the Chaumet pop-up on the third floor of Ion Orchard—besides appreciating and trying the new Joséphine Aigrette collection, the French house has also built the digital ring builder there for shoppers to experience the interesting virtual experience. We certainly enjoyed playing with the builder and stacking on the jewellery. The pop-up is on until the 15th of November, 2018.

Missed the pop-up? Check out the collection online here.

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