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Inspired by effortless elegance, Chaumet’s Precious Jewellery will capture hearts, with new additions to the Laurier and Joséphine collections making for the perfect Christmas 2020 present

This Christmas season, choose a meaningful gift that speaks volumes, imbued with both timeless beauty and luck-attracting motifs. Chaumet’s rich and vibrant history is lovingly distilled into each of the Maison’s remarkable pieces, with 240 years of elegant design apparent across the collection. Highlighting the precious motifs used by Chaumet to pay tribute to its muses, this year’s gifting ideas celebrate the powerful symbols of victory, good fortune and deep passion, and the remarkable women who cherish Chaumet jewels and timepieces.

This connection between the feminine energy and Chaumet is ever present in the Maison’s Laurier Precious Jewellery collection. An iconic symbol of immortality and everlasting power, the laurel branch was famously favoured by Chaumet muse, Joséphine de Beauharnais, Empress consort of the French. A lover of the arts and a champion for true beauty, her touch resonates through Chaumet’s use of laurel as a Maison motif. Worn close, a spring of laurel symbolises future glory and attracts success. Now immortalised in gold, Chaumet’s Laurier Precious Jewellery collection weaves Joséphine’s laurel motif through its stylish gold and diamond-embellished pieces.

A truly special gift idea, the stunning Laurier secret watch charms all with its modern rose gold dressed in diamonds. Beneath the sparkling adornments, the timepiece’s deep black aventurine dial glitters. Capturing the essence of a free spirit, laurel leaves unfold across a crowning bandeau, a modern update to the classic headpiece in white gold and diamonds. A loop of laurel leaves delicately bordered in rows of luminous diamonds sparkles on the wrist, an eye-catching bracelet for the wild-hearted Empress in your life.

Joséphine’s imperial elegance is further captured in the boldly contemporary earrings named for her. The Joséphine Valse Impériale earrings feature exquisite pear diamond drops—the Empress’s favourite diamond cut—gracefully falling from an asymmetrical V. A true statement piece, the set makes a beautiful Christmas present for trendsetters.

Looking to treat your own modern-day princess? The pièce de résistance takes the form of Chaumet’s Joséphine Aigrette tiara. Symbolising Joséphine’s regal power and grace, this alluring headpiece is a contemporary vision of royal style and feminine confidence. A perfect row of pearls curves along a crown of white gold and brilliant diamonds. Surprise your own beloved with the tiara of their dreams, or treat yourself to the crown you know you deserve to wear.

Exclusively available from all Chaumet’s boutiques, the Maison’s newest additions to its Laurier and Joséphine collections will make for stunning Christmas presents and festive season gifts.

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