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The French maison opens a brand new space in the heart of Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a new high jewellery hotspot especially for those who appreciate the rich history of one of the world’s grandest jewellery and watch houses. Located right in the hustle and bustle of Canton Road inside the former Marine Police Headquarters (now known simply as Heritage 1881), Chaumet’s new boutique serves as a little enclave of Paris, rekindling the brand’s Parisian roots right here in the heart of Hong Kong.

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A completely fresh interior design, the new 1881 Heritage boutique oozes opulence, with a heady combination of bleu de sèvres and gold highlights—which has always been a major visual code for the esteemed maison—featuring heavily throughout the store.

Yet, while there’s no denying the regal 18th century overtones, clever design elements such as the ensemble of three rounded counters that form a circular display on which Chaumet’s latest jewellery themes are displayed, present a modern take on a sophisticated Parisian residence.

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The new boutique provides the perfect space for jewellery aficionados to discover the full range of Chaumet’s exceptional offering and take advantage of the company’s specialised Crown Your Love bridal customisation service, which gives happy couples the opportunity to create their own personal engagement ring—something unique to the new flagship store.

A whole range of iconic collections are on display at the 1881 Heritage boutique—not least the house’s stunning cocktail ring creations. Embracing the art of celebration, the new cocktail ring collection sees beautiful coloured stones take centre stage in four distinct styles: Exquises, Offrandes, Surprises and Liens d’Amour.

Heavily inspired by the youthful exuberance of the Roaring Twenties, the creations are a contemporary take on the classic cocktail ring, using heady, tangy tones that offer limitless opportunities for the lucky wearer to light up any social situation.



For its Exquises cocktail ring—a signature piece in the brand’s Bee My Love collection—Chaumet gives a fresh interpretation of its classic geometric honeycomb motif, playing with the interplay of graphic volumes and adding either rose gold or white gold bees and brilliant-cut diamonds as a final flourish.

The undoubted star of the show, however, is the vibrant coloured stone, with a range of options, from honey-hued citrine to the floral tones of amethyst, morganite or tourmaline, all on offer.

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Comprising just four pieces as part of Chaumet’s L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet collection, the Offrandes cocktail ring is all about the generous bounty of nature. With white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds, the sapphire centrepiece is available in either pink, purple, lavender or yellow.

Also in the house’s L’Épi de Blé de Chaumet collection, the Surprises cocktail ring further celebrates the beauty of nature, with its white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds forming the shape of ears of barley.

There are eight stunning pear-shaped stones to choose from, including Malaya garnets, peridot, tourmaline, aquamarine and tanzanite. And finally, the Liens d’Amour cocktail ring is all about love, with the eight choices of cushion-cut stone hugged by Chaumet’s signature pavé diamond link.

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