Cover Chaumet Bee My Love Y-necklace in white gold, set with two Taille Impératrice-shaped diamonds of approximately 1.5-carats and 0.5-carat and brilliant-cut diamonds (Photo: Courtesy of Chaumet)

Chaumet draws inspiration from intricate, geometric honeycomb patterns for its jewellery collection, Bee My Love

Chaumet’s latest jewellery collection pays tribute to the humble bee. Long associated with hard work and strength, the new Bee My Love creations feature elegant interpretations of honeycomb in a simple, playful aesthetic imbued with an organic sense of movement.

For its new designs, Chaumet introduces an exclusive new innovation, the Taille Impératrice, a unique diamond cut that replicates the honeycomb texture through hexagonal shapes, creating a sense of movement in line with the figure of eight pattern of a worker bee’s flight.


The Taille Impératrice diamond cut has 88 facets. Not only does this innovative design catch the eye with its star-shaped crown, but the number of facets has also been deliberately selected as it is both symbolic of luck and fortune, and a nod to the infinity loop that a worker bee’s dance draws.

The bee motif is meticulously channelled both in the design and in its construction. The Y necklace—an asymmetrical pavé piece that continues the maison’s tradition of negligée necklaces—features an intricate connection of dainty hexagonal gold pieces. The Y necklace is set with two Taille Impératrice-shaped diamonds of approximately 1.5 carats and 0.5 carat with brilliant-cut diamonds. The pavé brilliant-cut diamond rings and bracelets—available in both white and rose gold—are studded with the maison’s innovative diamond detailing.

Standout pieces in the collection include the Solitaire ring in white gold with a 1-carat centre stone set between two smaller Taille Impératrice-shaped diamonds, while the collection’s understated elegance lends itself to everyday wear in pieces like the tennis bracelet and necklace, both featuring a pave brilliant-cut design, set in white gold.

Bee My Love pieces can be worn as standalone items, stacked with other Bee My Love pieces, or worn paired with iconic design from the maison’s previous collections.

Learn more about the Bee My Love Collection here

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