Enter the lion’s den with high jewellery inspired by Mademoiselle Chanel’s zodiac sign. As timeless as they are bold, these pieces in gold, diamonds, and pearls embody fearless femininity.

From adorning suit buttons to the clasps of handbags, the emblematic, mighty lion has long served Mademoiselle Chanel as a source of inspiration for her designs. Born on August 19th under the sign of Leo, Gabrielle Chanel has always held a special place in her heart for this majestic creature that symbolises courage, strength and protection.

After her great love of ten years died in 1919, Mademoiselle Chanel found eventual solace from her grief in Venice; a city that allowed her to breathe and rediscover the joys of life once more. She made Venice her city, and soon began to notice her zodiac symbol everywhere she looked in the Serenissima—on palace pediments and doors, in mosaics and stone statues. For Chanel, this comforting recurrence was more than mere coincidence—it was a sign of her destiny and a means of healing—and henceforth became an eternal symbol for her life.

Making its first appearance in Chanel high jewellery in 2012, Mademoiselle’s spirit animal is now celebrated in two exquisite collections, the “Sous Le Signe Du Lion” and “L’Esprit Du Lion”. Beyond showcasing the talents, creativity and expertise of Chanel high jewellery, what we love most about these two collections are their intimate ties to Gabrielle Chanel’s personal story.

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