The Eastern mystique captured in Coco Chanel’s much-loved Coromandel screens resonates exquisitely in Chanel’s new high jewellery collection called simply, Coromandel

Above Video: Tyrone Wu/Hong Kong Tatler

Amid the frenzy of Paris Haute Couture in July, Chanel staged an exhibition of its latest high jewellery at the Grand Palais with a scenography that stirred the senses.

The spectacular collection is inspired by the Coromandel screens that adorned Coco Chanel’s homes in Paris and Lausanne. Called simply Coromandel, it comprises 59 pieces, 24 of which are unique. The designs are lifted straight from the beautiful scenes illustrated on the lacquer screens, with all manner of stylised flowers, animals and minerals evoking the exoticism of the East.

The gemstones used in the collection, such as tsavorite garnet, emeralds, tourmalines, red spinels, ruby beads and onyx, were carefully selected to stay true to the rich colours of the screens. Among these new masterpieces is a floral-inspired, reversible cuff featuring a yellow diamond that pivots so it’s visible whichever side of the cuff is on display.

Another highlight is the yellow-gold Horizon Lointain (Far Horizon) plastron necklace, which is dotted with clouds of mother-of-pearl and diamonds, including a central six-carat stunner, echoing the Coromandel landscape.

The superb collection once again demonstrates the savoir-faire of Chanel’s jewellery workshop as well as the boundless inspiration of Coco Chanel’s universe. 

Explore the collection below: