The Cartier [Sur]naturel collection turns inspiration from Mother Nature into abstract but gorgeous high jewellery pieces

Mother Nature is a perennial source of inspiration for designers and brands the world over—and for good reason. But inspiration is only one part of the formula; what you do with that inspiration is the real crux of the matter. In its latest [Sur]naturel high jewellery collection, Cartier chose to put a unique spin on Mother Nature, turning panther spots, snakes, and crocodiles into beautiful abstract forms carved out of diamonds, emeralds, and other precious gemstones. The following creations got the jewellery enthusiasts in us excited. 

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Sinopé Necklace

Inspired by the gentle curves of a winding river, the Sinopé necklance has a sinuous form edged in deep blue lapis lazuli. The necklace also features five Madagascan sapphires in a distinctive shade of medium cornflower blue.

Panthère Tropicale Wristwatch

Once again inspired by the maison’s emblematic panther, this bejewelled watch features coral, aquamarines, and tourmalines set alongside paved diamonds and onyx—with the onyx shaped like the spots on the panther.

Gharial Necklace

The arrangement of diamonds and emeralds on this necklace may seem a little bit off-kilter, but the gems are actually specifically arranged to resemble the leathery skin of the majestic crocodile.

Hemis Necklace

This beautiful collier is inspired by the spot pattern and texture of panther fur. The central 71.8-carat pink Kunzite stone is surrounded by iridescent blue and purple opals cut to look both like polished pebbles and like the shape of panther spots. Diamonds are set in the spaces between the opals in a special shagreen setting, to resemble the texture of the feline’s fur.

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