Shopping for your favourite Bulgari item, from watches to jewellery to bags, has gotten simpler and is now just one click away. It's shopping time!

These days, with various countries in different lockdown modes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, luxury shopping has kind of gone on a short hiatus. But for purveyors of luxury and craftsmanship, fret not because many houses are upping their online shopping game and improving the entire experience. Roman jeweller Bulgari is one good example. On May 21, it kickstarted an accelerated expansion programme for its online shopping platform to seven additional countries, including Singapore, as it brings its star-studded and glittery world closer to the consumers—one luxurious gift at a time. 

Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin is adamant to ensure that the online shopping experience is as rich as walking into the brand's physical boutique, and not just a straightforward financial transaction. He said: “E-commerce must be an engaging and exclusive 360 degrees experience, offering the same service of excellence delivered in a Bulgari boutique.”

That is why the online store is helmed by a dedicated e-concierge team made up of different specialists, who will be able to advise and offer tips on different items and requests. The e-commerce platform also features 3D product images and augmented reality, which allows customers to visualise how the bags will look true-to-size in a real-world environment for a life-like and enhanced shopping experience. Shipping is free and delivery can be arranged to best accommodate the customers' needs, while returns are complimentary. 

It's apparent that even after the pandemic, there will be a major shift in lifestyle. Besides working from home, shopping in the comfort of your silk pyjamas and seated on your plush sofa will be part of the new norm—something that we completely concur with. Here, we tried our hands at buying gifts for our loved ones at Bulgari's new online store. Can we just say that we love the experience and don't wish to stop? 

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1. For The Most Important Woman In Your Life

Putting a smile on the face of your significant other should be your lifelong mission. These bejewelled recommendations will go a long way in ensuring that. 

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2. For The Most Important Man In Your Life

Just because men don't shop as much doesn't mean that they don't enjoy pampering themselves with a watch or a classic piece of jewellery. Perhaps an experienced shopper like you can help? 

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3. Gifts of Love

Instead of sending your bestie care packages or dinner treats from a Michelin-starred restaurant, how about a sparkling piece of jewellery to brighten her day up? It will be a keeper and is perfect for her to wear it to an orchestra performance with you in the future. 

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4. Showing Appreciation

Send your loved ones a gift to express how much you miss them. Or simply to thank them for always being there for you. Whether it's a bracelet or a bag, Bulgari has something for everyone. 

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5. A Pat on the Shoulder

With working from home becoming the new business norm, here's a simple way to celebrate clinching your next big deal. Pop a bottle of bubbly, log on to the Bulgari online store and treat yourself to a little present to reward yourself for the achievement. Or if you're feeling tired from work, simply look through our recommendations, place the order and put the smile back onto your face. 

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