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Spinels, tourmalines, tsavorites, emeralds, sapphires… Like kids in a candy store, the guests at the intimate Arte Oro showcase were fascinated by the sheer array of rainbow-coloured gemstones on display, each more exquisite than the other. Tatler friends and jewellery connoisseurs were invited to the presidential suite at the Intercontinental Singapore to discover the jewellery brand, and what it calls the New Collectibles—essentially, under-the-radar gemstones that are rising in popularity and are just as rare—or sometimes even rarer—than the usual four, namely diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies.

The depth and breadth of the gemstones on display was indicative of founder Danilo Giannoni’s wealth of experience in the jewellery industry, and his keen eye for colour, rarity and value. The Italian jeweller cut his teeth with some of the finest jewellers in the world, such as Chatila, Stefan Hefner and Bulgari, before moving to Asia. In 2015, he established Arte Oro, a creative expression of his love for jewellery and gemstones.

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