Adeline Teo, the eldest daughter of businesswoman Angela Ng, shares her mother’s passion for all things beautiful, including jewellery

The pair talks about the Louis Vuitton’s Agrafe bracelet, an heirloom piece Angela recently acquired with Adeline in mind

Growing up, Adeline Teo found it hard to connect with her mother. For one, Angela Ng was very strict, especially during Adeline’s early teenage years. Like most parents, she feared that her eldest daughter would fall into bad company and make the wrong decisions in life. The fact that Angela was busy running her various businesses, including a beauty salon, didn’t help either. Hence, the time spent together was precious and largely restricted to family dinners at home.

“Now that I’m older, my mum is so much more relaxed because she knows that I can make better judgements,” says Adeline, a marketing undergraduate at RMIT University. “Now, I can tell her things without worrying about getting into trouble. We're more like friends.” Angela concurs, “We can talk about anything under the sun.”

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Above Agrafe bracelet in white gold with diamonds (pictured in box), Angela’s own; Idylle Blossom rings in white, pink and yellow gold with diamonds (pictured on Adeline)

Their close-knit relationship is further strengthened by a shared love for jewellery. Whether it is a formal party or a casual gathering, the mother-daughter pair never fails to adorn their outfits with a dash of bling for that extra panache.

“We actually share a lot of jewellery, such as earrings, necklaces and bejewelled watches, because we have very similar taste,” says Adeline, who admits that she is not interested in buying jewellery for investment purposes, unlike her mother. For the moment, the 19-year-old has a preference for gem‑encrusted creations and likes how they can elevate her outfits to another level.

Meanwhile, Angela particularly likes “classic pieces that are timeless as well as those that are representative of the brand”. She also makes her jewellery purchases based on investment value as she believes that these pieces can form the sparkling legacy that she intends to leave for her three children. (Besides Adeline, Angela also has a son and another daughter.) As Adeline puts it, “My mum would always tell my sister and I that she will gift us a set of jewellery when we get married.”

Case in point: the Louis Vuitton Agrafe bracelet that Angela recently purchased during their trip to Rome last year for the brand’s high jewellery showcase event. “Both the bracelet’s design and its gemstones caught my eye. Plus, my experience with jewellery tells me that this will hold good investment value, which makes it a smart choice as I want to pass it down to Adeline in the future,” says Angela.

The Agrafe bracelet in white gold is set with 7.54 carats of diamond, including a square-cut 0.31-carat one, which sits on the V pattern—a modern signature of the house created by Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the grandson of the brand founder—that connects with the four-petal monogram flower motif.

On the other hand, Adeline is particularly fond of the flower motif on the bracelet. “We tried on several pieces in Rome, but we eventually decided to go with the Agrafe because its monogram flower motif is synonymous with Louis Vuitton. It’s a really beautiful piece and represents the brand well.”

Being a self-confessed lover of diamonds and gemstones, Angela is not new to the jewellery world, but the bracelet is her first Louis Vuitton bejewelled creation. “Being a huge fan of Louis Vuitton, the bracelet also represents the start of my high jewellery journey with the house. Louis Vuitton is definitely the ideal shopping heaven for me because of its extensive offerings across different product categories such as fashion, jewellery and watches.”

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