De Beers captures a lotus’ journey in the best way in knows how: through exquisite diamonds

Inspired by the serene beauty of its namesake, The Lotus by De Beers High Jewellery Collection captures the extraordinary life cycle of the beautiful and symbolic bloom in five exceptional sets, each conjuring a different phase of the lotus fascinating journey from a single shy bud in the water to full bloom as it emerges into the sunlight.

Named Awakening, Blooming, Flourishing, Radiating and Soothing, each tells a story through an extravagant mix of diamond cuts, including princess, pear, baguette, marquise, oval and round brilliants. 

The pièce de résistance is no doubt the final set in the series, the Soothing Lotus. It uses a combination of rough and polished diamonds—a De Beers signature—in greens, pinks and yellows to evoke the dusky colours of sunlight-dappled water, or hundreds of lily pads decorating the surface of a pond. This unique presentation includes a 296-carat rough yellow diamond, a 117-carat rough brown diamond and a 58-carat rough white diamond.

"The Lotus by De Beers High Jewellery Collection presents our peerlessly beautiful diamonds in five exceptional sets—each one conjuring the lotus' journey out of water and into light. Each moment of transformation, unfurling petal and evocative scene is brought to life through our unique diamond expertise and technical excellence. An artful blend of rough and polished diamonds in an array of shapes and cuts create beautiful compositions," says François Delage, CEO of De Beers Diamonds Jewellers.


First presented during Couture Week in Paris in July, De Beers brings the truly spectacular collection to Hong Kong, where it will be on display at their boutique at The Landmark until October 13. Don’t miss the chance to see these pieces up close.

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