What to look for when buying diamonds


 Photo: Courtesy of Ryder Diamonds

Buying a diamond often goes hand-in-hand with a special moment in life—from engagements to anniversaries and birthdays—so there can be a lot of pressure to get it right. But how do you ensure that you get the best stone for your money? With a highly technical valuation system and a huge body of information on the subject, buying a diamond can often be an overwhelming prospect. 

Hong Kong Tatler spoke to Ryder Diamonds' founder Sally Ryder at their showroom and workshop in Central (one of the largest in Hong Kong) to get her five key tips when shopping for a rock.

1. Look for GIA certification

Only ever buy a GIA certified diamond. However, don’t necessarily judge a diamond buy a GIA certificate as no two diamonds of the exact same grade ever look the same. 

2.Get the right cut

The absolute most important factor when buying a diamond is the cut. Whether the diamond is round, brilliant or fancy shape (anything other than round—e.g emerald, pear, oval, asscher, radiant, princess etc.), the cut has the biggest impact on the stone in terms of maximising the fire, brilliance and lustre of the stone. If the diamond is not cut correctly, it will look lifeless.  


Photo: Courtesy of Ryder Diamonds 

3. Compromise where it counts

You cannot compromise on cut and with colour—do not go lower than an H for an engagement ring as you will start to see a yellow tinge within the stone. However, you can be clever with clarity without compromising the overall beauty of the ring (some diamonds shapes more so than others). As long as the diamond is 100 percent eye-clean, there is room to play with the clarity grade, which will help with your budget. 


Jewellers at work in the Ryder Diamonds workshop in Central Hong Kong. (Photo: Courtesy of Ryder Diamonds)  

4. Pay attention to design

The design and crafting of a piece of jewellery is just as important as the stone itself. You can have the most beautiful diamond in the world, however if it is not designed and crafted properly, it will never look as beautiful as it could be.  


A wedding band is crafted in the Ryder Diamonds workshop. (Photo: Courtesy of Ryder Diamonds)


5. Buy from someone you trust

You've got to trust who you're buying from to ensure that you've been given all the correct information before making a decision. At Ryder Diamonds, we are completely transparent with our clients—we take the time to educate our clients, allowing them to make an informed decision that they are comfortable with.

For example, we will share the Rapport Pricing guide with our clients which is the wholesale buying pricing guide of diamonds to show them where prices sit dependng on the size, clarity and colour. Not too many jewellers do this as it exposes their wholesale costs. And remember, if you are offered the deal of the century; there is always a reason why a diamond is cheap—always.

 Ryder Diamonds run by-appointment Masterclasses at their lovely space in Central. Sip champagne, nibble delicious canapes and learn all about different grades of diamonds. You'll learn to use a jewellers loupe and even be taken on a tour of their manufacturing workshop, where you can see their 20+ artisans at work. 

Ryder Diamonds, Kimley Commercial Building, 9/F, 142-146 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 2805 2589, ryderdiamonds.com

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