She doesn’t need to hint anymore, 'cause you’ve got it sorted out, thanks to us

1. Time to herself

Be it a facial, mani-pedi sesh, or really just time to read a book—any new mother would love some downtime to take care of herself. Book her into her favourite spa for a couple of hours with her girlfriends.

2. A peace of mind

When mum takes some time off on her special day, it's important for her to know that everything is well taken care of at home too.

So while mummy is getting her knots kneaded, daddies can give the baby their own little massage session at home too, with Merries Baby Lotion. Massage the lotion onto baby’s face and body daily to protect their skin against dryness (especially if the nursery is air-conditioned) and irritation. For intensive moisturising care, or skin areas especially prone to dryness, go for Merries Baby Cream.

3. Ensure everyone is happy

Being a new mum isn't easy. There are lots to get used to and tiredness is a constant. Ensure that she gets a good rest this Mother's Day by easing her worries and making sure that the baby is happy. 

The best way to keep babies happy is to ensure that they're comfortable. Room temperature? Check. Milk? Check. Comfortable diapers? Give Merries a go, with their gentler and softer top sheet. 

Merries’ newly improved tape diapers in Tape NB and S help prevent diaper rash: its top sheet features two embossed convex shapes to minimise skin contact and friction, keeping baby's skin comfortable and dry. The core convex allows high absorption of pee and poo quickly, while the sides prevent leakage. 

4. Bonding time with the little one

Against the flurry of our busy lives (especially as a new mother!), it's always lovely to put aside precious bonding time for the mother and child. Cuddling up with your baby, smothering them with kisses, and even something as simple as quiet bathtime helps to calm and relax the baby. 

Keep your child’s delicate skin smooth and healthy with Merries Baby Wash, which is suitable even for newborns. It's all about the little details too: The user-friendly one-hand pump application makes bath time so much easier. 

The quick de-foam formula gently cleanses and moisturises without stripping away skin’s ceramide (an essential component that keeps skin healthy) and is safe for a newborn’s delicate skin. 

5. A couple-only dinner

Here’s the thing with family dinners: mums don’t usually get to eat, because they’re usually busy sorting out the kids. How about taking her out sans kids for some alone-couple time? No friends—just the two of you. Rules: no talk of the children, or unsexy topics like insurance. Focus on yourselves, your goals, harking back to the pre-baby times. Want an even better idea? Take more time and escape for a dirty weekend. You’re welcome.

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