Cover Photo: Courtesy of Transcend Air via Instagram

The new intercity aircraft will hit a top speed of about 405 mph.

Helicopter commuting is about to get a whole lot easier—and faster. Transcend Air has announced its latest aircraft will make urban commuting a much more streamlined experience. The new type of aircraft, the VY 400 helicopter, is set to be three times faster than existing aircrafts while boasting a vertical takeoff and landing.

The VY 400 is set to be half as expensive as a similar sized executive helicopter, despite being three times faster than its existing counterpart. According to Transcend Air, the VY 400 will also be faster than any fixed-wing turbo airplane of the same size.

“We believe [the VY 400’s] speed of 400 mph—three times faster than a medium twin helicopter—and much lower operating costs will help it dominate the market. The VY 400 will also have a larger cabin than almost all executive helicopters that it’s competing with.” Peter Schmidt, Transcend’s chief operating officer, told Robb Report in a statement.

The group of experienced aerospace execs, engineers, and entrepreneurs at Transcend Air have been designing and flying over 15 VTOL 15 prototype VTOL aircraft since its inception in 2009 and aim to dominate the VIP transport helicopter segment by being faster, cheaper and safer than your typical helicopter.

The aircraft will seat up to four passengers and includes a slew of safety features, including geofencing and sensors, meaning no flight into terrain or obstacles, as well as a whole airframe parachute.

According to Schmidt, however, it’s the VY 400’s vertical liftoff and quick switch into lateral airplane mode that will set the aircraft apart from regular intercity commuters. “We see the VY 400 as a fast elevator compared to the helicopter, which is more like a slow escalator,” he says. This new approach could be a gamechanger for executives who regularly commute between cities.

While the VY 400 is still a concept proven by small-scale prototypes, Transcend Air expects the aircraft will be fit for commercial and private deliveries as soon as 2025.

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