Like the new Samsung smartphone, this Generation T honouree is a gamechanger, and isn't afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Roshni Mahtani loves a challenge. When she was just 25, Roshni started a parenting blog. Here’s the twist: she wasn’t a parent and pretty much knew nothing much about raising children.

“Babysitting in New York, I crossed paths with a toddler who was so curious about everything, including where I came from. I wanted to find out if I could feed her durian and the answers just weren’t available online back then. I realised that all the information mums in Asia were getting were culturally irrelevant. I saw a space, took it, and the rest is history.”

It was a turning point. With that, Roshni carved out a space online for that blog—Theasianparent, which is now Southeast Asia’s largest platform for mothers. It spans 12 countries, with 25 million monthly active users. Its holding company Tickled Media recently completed a Series C funding, which closed with an 8-figure sum in US dollars, to expand into Africa. 

I saw a space, took it, and the rest is history.
Roshni Mahtani

The technopreneur was one of the first in Singapore to be introduced to the redesigned Samsung Galaxy Fold, a game-changer in the mobile industry. Both a smartphone and a tablet, the Galaxy Fold has altered the way we look at phones. “It’s a very versatile phone and overall cuts down on the number of devices I need to bring out. With this phone, I don’t need to use my tablet ever again,” says Roshni. 

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Above Roshni wears a lace and satin tailored crepe playsuit, by Self-Portrait at Club21 Forum

We find out that being ahead of the curve is a philosophy that Samsung imbues—and as we find out—Roshni has too: 

You started Theasianparent at the age of 25 when you were not a parent, creating content for a niche in an otherwise cluttered workspace. What did friends and family say about this decision?

Roshni Mahtani (RM) They all had their doubts but I can be very persuasive. Plus, I knew that eventually I wanted to have my own family so it wasn’t that far from my own truth. I also believed, and still do, that the way to make the world better is through the family— helping parents who are raising healthy, happy, confident children. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to devote my time and energy to more.

How would you describe yourself as an entrepreneur?

RM Looking back, what kept me going then is remarkably different from what drives me now. In the beginning, it was all about hustle, turning a profit, proving things—to yourself, your clients, your team. Today, it’s much bigger than that, though no less urgent.

We’ve come to a point where we have significant influence. Millions of mums are listening not just to us, but to each other. And we go too, where we are needed. We’ve launched in Africa, where mums are hungry for knowledge about maternal and child care. This is an impact that I never even dreamed of when we were just starting out.

I understand that you had to support yourself through school at one point.

RM When the Asian economic crisis depleted my family's financial resources, I found myself having to start a second life. I was no longer just a student, I was also the 16-year-old you turn away as she hands out flyers or conducts surveys at your front door. That girl grew up, far too early, but she grew up strong. At a time when my friends could afford to be carefree and had the luxury of focusing only on their studies, I simply couldn’t afford. We even had to pitch in for house bills.

But those years taught me the value of money and of resilience. I’ve kept those lessons with me to this day and intend to pass them on to my daughter.

Why did you choose to move to Indonesia? Now that you’re a mother, juggling work and family isn’t new but you do it across two countries and run two households.

RM We knew back then that Indonesia presented huge opportunities for Theasianparent. Hindsight now tells us that it was our ‘make or break’ market. There was no question about it—I had to be there.

Going hyper-local is key to our success; and you just can’t do that from far away. Being immersed in the culture, the language; witnessing firsthand the things Indonesian mothers go through every day… all these helped me lead the local team and accelerate their success.

As for uprooting my family, my husband is also an entrepreneur and Indonesia was also in his company’s growth plans, so it was something that made sense for both of us. Though plucking a toddler from everything familiar to her is no small feat, we both knew that it was temporary and necessary. And I just thought, no matter how many households I run, there’s only one home. My family’s together - anything can be managed.

3 Tips To Achieve Work-Life Balance

“It’s not a weighing scale. Let go of the notion that one tips in favour of the other. Balance can also mean harmony. That’s what you should strive for,” says Roshni Mahtani who shares the following advice.

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1.    The only way you’ll be rid of working mum guilt is if you’re 100 per cent present where you are

"Focus on your goals and tasks when you’re at work. Ignore your laptop and phone when you’re at home and be all there for your kids. Easier said than done, I know."

2.    There’s an app for everything 

"App continuity on the Galaxy Fold is a godsend. I often get videos, files sent to me to review on-the-go. I find myself squinting or giving up and reviewing the files later when I am behind a screen. This function allows me to move from mobile phone mode to tablet mode instantly and overall increase my efficiency.

I keep myself organised with Trello. It’s all about equipping and outsourcing too! I send Google Calendar invites to my helper. She is on Redmart for grocery and ServisHero if she needs something repaired." 

3.    Be efficient

The Galaxy Fold boasts the Multi-Active Window function where you can run multiple apps at once in real-time and effectively multitask: Watch the stock market, read emails and view the baby camera, all at the same time. "Be efficient. Hard work does not equate to love. Work smart and get as much sleep as you can." 

A Smartphone And A Tablet In One

The Galaxy Fold is the ideal device for highly efficient, multitaskers like Roshni Mahtani. Using your smartphone will never be the same again with, as one will discover new ways to use apps simultaneously on its 7.3 inch screen.

The way one captures, shares and edits mobile content will change too—you can shoot a video, then open the Galaxy Fold to view it on its larger display seamlessly. “Great engineering, the transition was smooth and seamless.” She also adds that she will be getting one for her husband,” He’s been asking for it for the longest time. The Galaxy Fold has been on his wish list.”

The Galaxy Fold in LTE variant will be available for purchase at selected local telecommunication operators (M1, Singtel and StarHub) and Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity from September 18.

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