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Sustainable motoring is now within reach as Nissan launches their new Nissan LEAF—the world’s first mass-market full-battery electronic vehicle (EV) in the Philippines

For some time now, we've pondered upon how we can make more sustainable lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, such adjustments are more than a tad difficult to make—especially in terms of transportation. In our market, there aren't a lot of green alternatives; with the country's lack of secure bicycle lanes, proper mass transportation utilities, and even sidewalks and footbridges, most people simply resort to relying on private vehicles. As our high school teachers have pointed out, these aren't exactly the most environmentally friendly options. 

Fortunately, Filipinos now have a new route to take in their quest of going green. Introducing the new Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-market full-battery electronic vehicle (EV). Launched on 9 May 2021, the Nissan LEAF is now available at 3 Nissan dealerships; the company is also in the process of establishing seven charging stations in the country to create a large nationwide EV charging station network. The vehicle boasts zero emissions and exemplifies Nissan's philosophy on "intelligent power, intelligent driving, and intelligent integration". 

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Intelligent Power: How Far (And How Fast) Can You Go? 

The Nissan LEAF is incredibly power efficient. With a 40-kWh lithium-ion battery, the car boasts a range of 311 kilometres on a full charge—you can go as far as Baguio (from Metro Manila) with that! Charging is also extremely convenient as each owner will be provided with multiple charging options—even from a dedicated wall outlet at home (with supplied universal charging cable). Motorists can also charge at stations found in select Nissan dealerships in as fast as 40 to 60 minutes. 

But it's not just in energy that the Nissan LEAF proves its capability; the car can go from zero to a hundred kph in just 7.9 seconds, with a top speed of 140 kph. This is due to its all-electric e-powertrain technology that provides the vehicle with a maximum of 110kW or 150ps and 320 Nm of instant torque. 

Intelligent Driving: The Future of Motoring 

Though the Nissan LEAF looks sleek and compact, its spacious interior can accommodate up to five people. Beyond that, the company has also integrated various 21st-century features into the car to give all their drivers confidence on the road. For one, the Nissan LEAF comes with a new e-Pedal that allows drivers to start, accelerate, decelerate, and stop by using just one pedal. The vehicle intuitively senses an increase or decrease of pressure applied on the accelerator and adjusts accordingly. To stop, simply fully release the pedal! It's an ideal setup for our stop-and-go traffic in the Philippines.

Other intelligent features include the Intelligent Cruise Control, Intelligent Around View Monitor, High Beam Assist, and Hill Start Assist. Blind Spot Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Intelligent Driver Alertness and Emergency Braking are all integrated into the Nissan LEAF as well. 

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Intelligent Integration: A Complement To Your Lifestyle

Perhaps the best thing about the Nissan LEAF is that it's designed to be as holistic as possible. Just because you're off the road doesn't mean that the Nissan LEAF can no longer be of assistance. Thanks to its vehicle-to-everything technology, the Nissan LEAF enables bi-directional charging, which means that you can use your LEAF's battery to power homes or other equipment. "The Nissan LEAF's launch in the Philippines is the latest chapter in our electrification strategy in ASEAN," says Regional Vice President for Nissan ASEAN, Isao Sekiguchi.  "This is part of Nissan's DNA of daring to do what others don't as we make electrified mobility more accessible to the people in the region."

The vehicle comes with a 3-year vehicle warranty or for the first 100,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). The battery comes with a separate 8-year warranty or for the first 160,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). 

Customers can avail of the Nissan LEAF at three dealerships: Nissan Mantrade Makati, Nissan Otis, and Nissan Cebu South - V. Rama. These dealerships are also equipped with EV charging systems for the exclusive use of Nissan LEAF owners. Four more dealerships are set to offer the much awaited EV and EV charging stations within the year.

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