Fitness trackers, yoga mats packed with smart sensors and weighing scales that talk back; we have everything you need to make sure 2018 is the best year you've ever had.

1. Weighing Scale (Actxa Sense)

Your journey towards better health begins by knowing how you tick better and a smart weighing scale can help you do just that. The Actxa sense smart scale will measure your weight, lean muscle mass, bone mass, body fat percentage and BMI easily, with the ability to support up to 8 different profiles for the family. Pair it with your smartphone to get access to your health history with just a few taps as you measure your physical info regularly. Find out more here.

2. Smartwatch (Apple Watch Series 3)

This is the device that propelled Apple to become the number one watchmaker in the world. It’s a watch, a competent fitness tracker and a decent communications device. The fitness aspect of the watch is more casual than a dedicated fitness tracker, rewarding you with medals for your accomplishments as incentives. There’s even a Nike+ model, with Nike’s run club app, exclusive straps, a fitness app to track most popular workouts (swimming included) and it even reminds you to achieve your workout goals throughout the day. Learn more here.

3. Fitness Tracker (Fitbit Alta HR)

Affordable, lightweight and equipped with a heart rate monitor, the Alta HR isn’t really a full-fledged smartwatch, it’s a fitness-focused slim wearable. Along with its smartphone app, it can suggest customised workouts to reach our fitness goals. That being said, it comes with call, texts and calendar alerts, a week’s worth of battery, calorie, distance and step counter, as well as doubling up as a sleep tracker. Learn how to get one here.

4. Earphones (Bose SoundSport Free)

Music does wonders for your workout, giving you the push you need during training. One of the best audio manufacturers created a wireless sports earphones, boasting excellent audio quality in a tiny package. The earphones come with a digital signal processor that makes music sound great and balanced at any volume, no matter how crowded the gym is. It’s also sweat and rain resistant, giving you almost no excuse not to work out. While not yet out on the Malaysian market, you can find out more here.

5. Blood Pressure Monitor (Omron Smart Elite+)

Stylish, sleek and portable, the blood pressure monitoring device from Omron (bet you didn’t know they make health gadgets) is a great gadget to have if you suffer from any heart related ailments. The Smart Elite+ connects to your smartphone and gives you instant feedback in an easy-to-read manner, which is great news for you and your doctor. Click here for more info.

6. Water Bottle (Hidrate Spark)

Let’s face it, you aren’t probably drinking the daily recommended amount of water on a daily basis. That’s where a “smart” water bottles steps in. Called the Hidrate Spark, this water bottle not only integrates with smartphones, fitness trackers and smartwatches to give you the lowdown on your drinking habits via integrated sensors, it also glows to remind you to hydrate throughout the day. Discover if this is for you here.

7. Training & Yoga Mat (Naboso)

Sold as the first-ever barefoot training mat designed to stimulate the small nerve receptors in the bottom of the feet and palms of the hands, it is meant to improve your postural control, stability and strength during your workouts. Designed to be lightweight and travel-friendly, this is a mat that’s backed by texture research and surface science, or so they say. Forbes has even backed it. Learn if you can get better barefoot movement here.

8. Electric Toothbrush (ISSA Hybrid)

Dental hygiene is equally as important as any other hygiene. From Scandinavian start-up in 2013 to full blown corporation today, FOREO, which stands for “for everyone”, specialises in oral care. Their electric toothbrush hybrid, using soft silicone and durable polymer creates a brushing experience that’s strong on plaque but gentle on the gums, using sonic pule technology to create micro-sweeps that clean your mouth. Interested? Head over to their website here.

9. Better Posture (Upright Go)

This is a device that’s perfect for hard desktop workers, anyone experiencing chronic back pain or those looking to improve their posture. Successful kickstarter campaigners Upright Go created a device that sits in between your upper back and alerts you whenever your posture isn’t good. You simply turn it on, put it on your back and you’ll receive immediate response. Through an app on your phone, you can start training sessions and even checkout your posture statistics. Start your journey to better posture here.

10. Better Air (Blueair Classic)

Better air should be a basic human right, yet we are prone to pollution even in our own homes. For those sensitive to the quality of air they breathe, such as those suffering from sinus or asthma, Blueair's Classic 205 air purifier sports an unobtrusive Swedish design and technology-friedly connectivity to your smartphone, allowing you to always be on top of the air quality in your home. Make 2018 a better year for your lungs and start by getting more info here.

11. Bonus: Apps (Naturespace, Zombies, Run!, 7 Minute Workout)

While not actually gadgets per se, these apps can help improve your health and best of all, they're free!

Naturespace is an app that gives you access to high definition 3D audio of sounds caught in the wild, allowing you unwind and relax.

Zombies, Run! puts a twist on fitness apps by turning your runs into a game. You play a survivor in a zombie apocalypse and must enture out of your safe zone to gather resources. Slow down and the zombies will get you, outrun them and you survive another day.

The Apple App Store and Google Play Store have tons of free 7-minute workout apps that give you access to a series of quick recommended workouts that only last 7 minutes each, perfect when you don't have enough time to head to the gym.

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