These hi-tech devices and app are the new sidekicks to add to your #fitfam support system.

Most of us value the company of a workout buddy who trains with us and keeps our #fitnessjourney in check. But a workout bud can only do so much to keep us motivated at times.

 If you’re keen on maximising your output or geared to jump onto the fitness bandwagon, it’s time to amplify your support system with convenient and innovative gadgets and apps.

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Not only do they keep track of your progress down to the finest detail, they also steer you to the right choices that give your health and fitness goals more edge.

Meet your three new intelligent pals.

Plan workouts ahead with KFitedit 12733542_458367054348215_6161883822141702963_n.jpg (original size)

In just one download, the KFit mobile phone app curates fitness, beauty and wellness activities available from the best studios, gyms and salons at up to 70% savings. The schedule reflects activities available throughout the week, customised to your preferred type of workout, activity and location. As a member, you’re free to browse all KFit’s offerings and enjoy them at special prices or at exclusive package rates. Just pick your activity and time and the app will notify you of impending activity, share your feedback and organise your week’s activities.

Fitbit tracks your fitness and sleep patterns fitbit edit17191277_743961772452083_5329875655016313502_n.png (original size)

Fitness trackers are all the rage now and if you’re keen to invest in one, make it the Fitbit Alta HR, a heart rate wristband that’s fitted with comprehensive features in a slim and stylish body. The wristband comes with PurePulse heart rate tracking to optimise workouts, gain insight into sleep stages, track all-day activity, smartphone notifications and gentle reminders throughout the day. These prompters are designed to weave seamlessly into your routine, helping you achieve your goals.

ZUG prepares healthy meals with a five-star twist EDIT V-Zug-Backofen_Daempfer.jpg (original size)

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’, which means that fitness comes hand-in-hand with a healthy diet. Home cooking is the best way to kickstart healthy eating habits and the new Combi-Steam XSL from V-ZUG is the ‘chef’ you need. Fitted with a Roastomatic function and Gourmet steaming setting, you can whip up five-star, pre-programmed menus with this sophisticated appliance at the press of a button.  

Photos courtesy of respective brands: KFit, Fitbit and V-ZUG

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