Cover Photo: Affa Chan/Tatler Hong Kong

In a new pop-up restaurant in partnership with Mercedes-Benz at HAUS, chef Shane Osborn brings his values to life

For Shane Osborn, practicing what you preach isn’t just a noble principle; it’s a way of life. “They say you are what you eat, but this way of thinking extends far beyond the table.” The Australian-born, Hong Kong-based Michelin-starred chef recently launched The Arcane Collective, a collection of dining establishments that place socially and environmentally conscious causes at the forefront of their brand.

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“It’s in The Arcane Collective’s DNA to cook with integrity,” he says. For Osborn, that means thinking of quality over quantity, working with the best ingredients as well as those that align with his ethos of sustainability, all within an affordable price point for customers. “Simplicity, integrity and authenticity; these are my pillars of sustainability,” says Osborn, and these are the values he looks to reflect in both his work and beyond.

Osborn is a firm believer in peoples make small, everyday choices fostering long term, large scale change, fostering a more sustainable ecosystem. This, he explains, can be anything from the choice of clothes you wear to the care you drive—it’s a new, “progressive luxury,” he says.

It’s a philosophy shared by Mercedes-Benz, with its new EQA fully electric car that aims to reduce carbon footprints while amplifying the driving experience. With a range of up to 426km (WLTP), the EQA offers unbeatable efficiency, even channeling heat from the powertrain to heat the passenger compartment, and with top speeds of up to 160 km per hour, it seamlessly bridges form and function. Championing a new, electric lifestyle, Mercedes-Benz aims to bring sustainability into the mainstream.

From June 15 until mid-July, Osborn and the Arcane team will take over Tatler Dining Kitchen at HAUS for a unique pop-up dining experience, giving diners a taste of what’s to come at his new restaurant, scheduled to open later this summer. “We share a common thread of placing sustainability at the forefront of our business values,” he explains.

Osborn encourages people to vote with their feet, supporting businesses dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality products and services while maintaining environmentally conscious approaches. “As consumers,” he says, “we all have the power to affect change. And it starts with what you choose.”

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