Desperate for a change of scenery, we go from working from home to working from RuMa Hotel & Residences—with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G in tow

The first smartphone to offer a transformative viewing experience—it goes from a typical smartphone to an immersive large screen with a simple act of unfolding—the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is designed for both work and leisure in mind. 

Aesthetically, it is the very definition of urban chic, with the Mystic Bronze case a standout for its rose gold-like sheen (the phone is also available in Mystic Black). As a workhorse, it performs like a dream, complemented with the Multi Active Window function that is certain to elicit a gasp of delight from the multitasker in you. 

With city hotels offering attractive work-from-hotel packages for those seeking a change of scenery without sacrificing comfort and luxury, the new Samsung device sounds like the ideal companion for those who have to work remotely. To test it out, we check into RuMa Hotel & Residences which is offering a day use of its facilities for RM288. A peaceful sanctuary in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, RuMa's 'Work From Home, Away From Home' package comes with great extras including complimentary parking, use of the gym and secretarial services as well as a RM50 F&B credit. 

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After checking in, it's straight into work mode. Although I have brought along my laptop, I could have easily executed most of the tasks with the phone alone. And since it can be folded out for a tablet experience, I don't have to squint to reply emails as I had to with other phones. Think of it as having a 'tablet' that fits right in your pocket.

Anyone who's in publishing know that being able to juggle different tasks at the same time is a job requirement. This Samsung device helps to ease the process with its brilliant Multi Active Window that allows you to open multiple apps, whether you're working on the main or cover screen. Imagine being able to transfer a file via WhatsApp (the phone's drag and drop function also makes this super convenient), make quick changes to your story, and upload an Instagram feed—without missing a beat. Attending a Zoom meeting on a phone with multiple participants has never looked better either, thanks to the main screen's 7.6" display. 

When a phone boasts five cameras, you can generally expect it to elevate your selfie experience. Its Flex Mode makes it better. It offers a hands-free experience when taking pictures and videos. Additionally, the Dual Preview feature allows both the camera person and the subject to view the shot before it is taken; the latter can double check on their poses before the picture is captured. 

When folded at a certain degree, the Capture View Mode is activated, and this allows you to compare your most recent shot with previous shots saved in your gallery at the same time. Then there's the Bright Night Sensor that takes incredibly high quality images in low-light conditions. To be certain, it offers a lot of freedom when creating content for social media. 

The fun doesn't stop there. Need to review a video before it goes live on YouTube? Suffice to say that the Dynamic Amoled 2x Display makes it a viewing pleasure especially for those whose duty is to identify the tiniest of errors. I also love how I can fold the phone at a 90-degree so that it sits on the table when I'm watching the video, allowing my hands free to make notes. 

As a smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5 marries form and function beautifully. Watch the video below for our #WFH experience with the smartphone:

Above Working from hotel with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

Review: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G Is A Workaholic's Best Friend

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