Since its release in September this year, quite a few of our Singapore Tatler friends have become users—and big fans—of their Fold. Here's why

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has possibly changed the smartphone industry. No longer are phones and tablets separate entities, but now, with the Fold, one has more options: it's part smartphone, part tablet, has a large screen but pocketable, with two screens and cameras everywhere.

But enough from us. Here's why our Singapore Tatler friends love their Fold: 

1 / 5

The folding action

The Fold opens and closes with a nice positive click. Sometimes it feels like being in an episode of Westworld, where one can carry this in a pocket then open out to the size of a small tablet.

Taking learnings from sample versions of the Galaxy Fold earlier this year, Samsung has clearly invested in reinforcing and refining both the folding mechanism and the construction and finish of the flexible screen itself. When open, the crease isn't noticeable at all when reading text or viewing images across the full screen, and viewing content on the Fold is an immersive experience. 

It reminds of a pen, you know, when you have a little click-y thing at the end? I just open and close my Fold, even when I don't use it. It has a good solid feel; it does not feel flimsy. The construction is first class. I think they’ve tested this 200,000 cycles, so it’s going to be a while before it gives up.
Benjamin Kim
2 / 5

The construction

At 263g, it is heavier in the hand than most smartphones, but this is a tough comparison as the Fold operates as part smartphone and part tablet and is still lighter than most compact tablets. When closed, it is taller and narrower than most other current smartphones and also thicker, as it is essentially two phones stacked on top of each other. When open, it is quite wide relative to its height and needs to be held with both hands, like a tablet. 

The phone is ergonomic, and using the large screen does not strain my arms at all—in fact I use it so much, even to consume entertainment on the plane.
Anthony Yong
3 / 5

The big screen

When open, the main screen is a 7.3-inch display, significantly larger than other smartphones and closer to a smaller tablet (the iPad mini is 7.9-inch). Resolution is crisp and great for applications which fill the screen, like photo editing, maps, games and email applications. Often, users find that the Fold will almost replace their need for a PC.

The first time I held it in my hands, I thought, wow, to be able to carry a big screen like this in my pocket? This will change everything.
Alex Low
4 / 5

Multiple windows

This function is a game-changer as it allows the viewing and using of three apps simultaneously. In other words, it’s possible, to watch a video, chat on Whatsapp and shop online, all at once. For work functions: replying emails while reading a PDF with an Excel sheet open is possible—making working remotely easy.

I use it for everything, be it work or play. The ability to have three windows open makes working from my Fold a breeze—especially when I need to tally details on documents.
Angela Ngoh
5 / 5

The smaller screen

The Fold is a bit like two phones in one—even when closed, the Fold still operates as a fully functional smartphone, using its 4.6-inch front touchscreen. The closed phone screen is small relative to the size of the device but is useful for quick one-handed tasks, such as answering phone calls, a quick photo or one-click apps.

I love its compact size when it’s folded. And it fits easily into my small handbags and clutches, which helps a lot during events, so I don’t have to fumble with my phone in one hand while holding a glass of champagne in the other. I use the smaller screen for GPS, notifications, time-checking and of course, phone calls.
Siow Yin Yin
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