Ferrari's all-wheel drive vehicle combines practicality with the driving pleasure the Italian automaker is renowned for, making for one versatile exciting ride. Malaysia Tatler was invited for a three-day lifestyle tour of the city, desert and tallest mountain range in the UAE by Ferrari and was given a white GTC4Lusso. This is part 1 of a special two part feature article.

1. Meet The Ride

The company’s four-seat grand tourer all-wheel drive (AWD), the GTC4Lusso, manages to strike an interesting blend between having the characteristics of a modern sports front of a Ferrari and the sloping elongated back of a more practical station wagon. Handsome and rather generously proportioned, the vehicle commands a presence on the road with its looks and boisterous performance.

2. What's Inside?

The vehicle's front seats has a sufficient amount of space for passengers to feel relaxed even when seated for more than a couple of hours. However, the same can't be said for its rear seats, which are best reserved for smaller sized individuals for optimal comfort.

With that being said, its front seats are plush and comfortable, especially thanks to the added bonus of being able to pump cool or hot air out of the seats for additional comfort, making driving the car, even at cruising speeds in the got sun quite enjoyable.

At high speeds, the seats do a good job at keeping passengers snug, while the car's onboard media, gps, entertainment and information system has all the modern services one would expect in a high end car. The car’s passenger dashboard also is fitted with a secondary display to allow the passenger to view the current speed, car conditions and the G-force of the car.

3. Performance

Seeing as how it only takes a mere 3.4 seconds to go from 0 to 100 km/h, driving the car at high speeds was exhilarating and an act of pure joy. The car is extremely nimble despite its size, and with a solid build, is able to break and turn quickly without causing any major discomfort to its passengers. Whether driving on long and straight highway stretches or roads within the city limits, sitting behind the wheel of the GTC4Lusso gives you a sense of empowerment only a car of this calibre can offer.

4. ...And Practicality

One of the selling points of the GTC4Lusso lies in its ability to switch from speedster to stylish short holiday getaway car without the need to press a button, thanks to its generous boot space and the ability to ferry two additional passengers at the back. However, as we previously mentioned, the rear seats may best be suited to smaller sized individuals to ensure better comfort on longer rides. It's all-wheel drive capabilities also allows it to tackle tougher terrain with ease, which should rarely be an issue on Malaysian roads.

5. The Experience

Driving a Ferrari is an experiential exercise, with the scenes and roads you take to whatever destination you’re heading towards suddenly enhanced thanks to the pleasurable ride you’re in. Whether in the desert, mountains or in the city, the GTC4Lusso is more practical and suitable as a daily driver than its sportier siblings, making it a much better choice for those wishing to maintain a ride suitable for a young and small family without sacrificing the driving capabilities of a bona fide Ferrari. If you ever wanted a prancing horse that featured the best of these two worlds, this is the car for you.

For part 2 of this article, read the motoring section of the Malaysia Tatler April issue, where we examine the lifestyle impact the car had during our time in Dubai, UAE.

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