Is there anything that gets a pedestrian's attention more than a slick red sports car? We doubt so. Lexus' LC 500 offers drivers a coupé that feels fit for the modern era, made better with an engaging performance behind the wheel.

Top Of The Line

The LC 500 is the automaker's flagship luxury coupé, so expect nothing but the best when it comes to this sports car.

Dramatic masculine lines characterise this vehicle, with all the curves in all the right places to make the design language of the car a modern vessel.

The car's body uses aluminium, carbon fibre and high-tensile steel to create a perfectly distributed weight displacement in order to provide a solid drive feel, one that goes toe-to-toe with other sports cars the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin or even the well-known Nissan Skyline.


A Definite Looker

Sexy on all sides, the front of the car sports the carmaker's signature spindle grill while the back features infinity mirror tail lights and a retractable spoiler, giving the rear sleek futuristic visuals.

Quite the looker, the LC 500 will definitely evoke a response from passerbys when you're cruising down the road, as we ourselves have discovered with our time with the coupé.

Empowering The Driver

The car’s interior manages to strike a balance between race-ready and luxury cruiser well enough, thanks to its clever design, alignment of functionalities and use of fine materials.

Although the car may seem intimidating to drive, the truth is far from it, as it only took us 5 minutes to feel accustomed to the ride.

Once behind the wheel, driving the car feels exciting and entertaining, making a daily task less mundane and so much more enjoyable.


A neat party trick, the speedometer ring is movable, giving access to a digital screen that displays relevant information when it's time to shift into "sports" mode.

Even when you’re weaving in and out of highway traffic on the fast lane, the car never breaks composition, also handling corners elegantly and tightly even at higher speeds.



Quality Sound

Besides the sweet music from the car's engine when it roars, the LC 500 comes with a high-end 13-speaker Mark Levinson audio setup that will electrify your favourite tunes. 

This being a coupé, there are additional seats at the rear (best suited for smaller individuals) should you need to ferry your kids without switching to a family-focused car.


The many amazing small details makes the car shines further, with thoughtful design elements that really put the driver and the passenger in a level of comfort that makes being in the comfort a joy.

Things like a dedicated drive mode selector at the left side of the driver's cockpit gives quick access to switching the nature of the car without the need to navigate the car's computer system while driving. 

Or even the the addition of passenger handle grips, a nice feature included to calm the nerves of worried passengers (if any), when the car zips along at higher speeds by offering seat stability.


For the full scoop of our experience with the LC 500, pick up a copy of our January 2018 issue to read a more personal experience with the car.