When you've made it, a great luxury car that will suit your persona can sometimes take that success to the next level. After all, you've earned it. Whether you're the type that prefers to lounge at the back in total comfort catching up on the latest shifts in the stock market or you prefer sitting behind the wheel and relishing in pure driving pleasure, we've got 10 cars that might fit that bill.

The Uber Luxe Car You'll Want To Drive – Bentley Continental GT

An exciting ride born in the early 2000's, the latest third-generation Bentley Continental GT was recently debuted in Malaysia. With a 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged engine and a new and advanced adaptive chassis to control ride comfort, this is a car that will promise a smooth and enjoyable ride to and from the office in pure luxury. If you're interested in looking at the car in person, Bentley has a downtown showroom.

The car's handsome exterior also continues to its opulent interior, with a list of available options for those who enjoy customisation and personalisation. Think matching coloured carpets, a custom coloured steering wheel or even a 4-piece luggage set. This car was made for those who prefer to drive instead of being driven, without sacrificing ultimate luxury of course.

For more information, head over to the automaker's official website

The Car With A Customisable First Class Cabin – Rolls-Royce Phantom

Two Rolls-Royce Phantoms are rarely the same, thanks to an insane attention to detail and a level of customisation that would satisfy even the most challenging requests. The truly iconic Phantom, along with its Spirit of Ecstasy hood, has long been a symbol of success for many celebrated business tycoons, celebrities, car collectors and more. Fun fact: you can even opt for a diamond made Spirit of Ecstasy for that highest level of luxury. The car can even double as a really really luxurious family car for the weekends.

The car itself is a delight to drive, featuring state of the art driver assistance technologies and a buttery smooth performance that isn't shy to open up when throttled. For the passenger, comfort is the main objective that the Rolls-Royce more than succeeds with flying colours. When a Rolls-Royce pulls up in the front lobby of a hotel, you can be sure the car's presence will be felt. This is a car made for those wanting to arrive to any function in style and sophistication.

Find out more at the manufacturer's official website.

The Car Made For Those With A Speed Itch– Mercedes-AMG E 63 S 4MATIC+

Don't confuse this model with its tamer brother, as this sports sedan bites as loud as it barks. Heralded as the most powerful E-Class of all time, this model came in conjunction with Mercedes-AMG's 50th year anniversary, promising 0 to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds thanks in part to a beastly 4.0 litre twin-turbo 612 hp V8 engine.

This ride is definitely made for those who loves a well engineered car that touts maximum driving performance without lagging behind in the looks department. The car's interior also features enough room to comfortably seat 3 passengers and comes with exclusive appointments that are also open to personalisation. 

To find out more about this beauty, head over to Mercedes-Benz Malaysia's official website.

The Car That Nails Everyday Driving Pleasure – BMW M4

Could an ultra sporty, shiny red BMW M4 be your new dream car? Branded as a high performance athlete for the road and the racetrack, the car is an ideal sports sedan for those in love with the idea of a compact coupé being pushed to the limits of performance. Made for the individual who likes to drive a rocket on the weekends but also has the ability to tone it down on the weekedays, the car offers just that.

In the performance area, the car can go from 0 to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds, which is definitely more than enough to satisfy that inner need for speed every now and then. With top of the line racing parts, drivers will be more than equpped to handle daily traffic, turning even the most mundane drives into a more palatable experence.

Find out more about this road warrior on BMW's official website.

The Car For The Suave Gent – Aston Martin DB11

Those that like the looks a 21st century British sports car will fine it hard to ignore the allure of 007's famous ride. The latest model, the DB11, only very recently made its debut in Malaysia. The car's looks undoubtedly screams cool, and you can bet that you'll fine more than one pair of eyes staring at your ride when you cruise down the road in a DB11.

For all its suave curves and refined features, the DB11 is still very much a gentlemen's racer, the kind that knows that it doesn't need to show off its greatest assests with loud and radical features. It's confident and its driver knows that. Yet, the DB11 still manages to hold this air of sophistication all while managing to pull of 0 to 100km/h in a mere 4 seconds. That's class.

Everything you need to know to purchase James Bond's car is over at Aston Martin's official website.

The Car Made For The Inner Racer – Ferrari 488 Pista

Moving on from subtle sports to full on racer, the Pista is the ultimate racing expression of the much loved 488. So much so that the name 'Pista' actually means 'track' in Italian. This is a car made for gearheads, those who enjoy the world of motorsports and those who dream to own and drive a race-ready car. It's nothing like its all-day more practical brother the GTC4Lusso. The Pista is bred for one purpose – speed.

Equipped with the most powerful V8 in Ferrari history, the engine produces a deep and unmistakably satisfying soundtrack for both the driver and any passerby to enjoy. The car also sports a racing livery that when combined with the classic Ferrari red, signals the driver's passion for finely tuned racing machines.

Learn more about the car at car's dedicated website and Naza Italia's official website.

The Car For Those Who Enjoy Exclusivity – Ranger Rover SV Coupé

Recently announced at the Geneva Motor Show this year, the Range Rover SV Coupé will see 999 models made worldwide, guaranteeing an exclusive slice of automotive history. Touted as the "world's first full size luxury SUV coupé", this limited edition model marries the legendary Range Rover performance and stability with the ultra luxe sophistication you may come to expect in a car such as a Rolls-Royce.

Each model ordered will be customised and hand-assembled to the customer's request and specification, ensuring that your SV Coupé may quite possibly be one of a kind on any road around the world.

Find out how you can get yours at Land Rover's official website.

The Car For The Outdoor Enthusiast – Lamborghini Urus

Have you ever wanted Lamborghini to make an SUV? Well, they heard you and they've taken your request to the next level with the world's first 'super SUV', which the carmaker is defining as "a super sports car soul and the functionality typical for an SUV". Featuring the brand's signature agressive and sleek aesthetics coupled with luxurious Italian craftsmanship and state-of-the-art motoring tech, the Urus is a true beast.

With it's 4-wheel drive system that works with Lamborghini's Adaptive Network Intelligent Management driving mode selector, drivers will be able to take the Urus on off-road, sand and wet surfaces with ease. Like a raging bull, it completes the century sprint in a quick 3.6 seconds thanks to a 650hp V8 engine that the company is boasting as "the best weight-to-power ratio on the SUV market".

For more information, head over to Lamborghini's official website

The Car For The Eco-Concious Leader – Lexus LS Executive Hybrid

The fifth and greatest generation of the Lexus LS is here and is available in an executive hybrid variant for those wishing to reduce emissions with a cleaner ride. While the car is a delight to drive, the back is where the magic happens. Fusing modern day engineering techniques and time-honoured Japanese craftsmanship, the car offers a level of luxury unique to the brand.

Back passenger seats offer massage, cooling and heating functionalities for added comfort, while the back left passenger has the option to enable an Ottoman seating arrangement for greater leg room and relaxation. This is made even better when combined with an immersive Mark Levinson surround sound system and an 11.6-inch LCD display that can play DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs, with the additional option to connect portable devices via HDMI.

For more information, visit Lexus Malaysia's official website.

The Car For The Green Warrior Behind The Wheel – Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid Sport Turismo

Porsche's successful Panamera line receives a sporty upgrade that doesn't sacrifice eco-friendliness. The Panamera E-Hybrid Sport Turismo offers a well-rounded sports car with an updated body type, making for a sportier character and the ability to accommodate five passengers and still hold up to 425 litres of luggage space.

The half electric powered vehicle is also a pleasure to drive, not losing it's identity as a Porsche sports car. With it's general all-rounded capabilities, it makes a perfect 'drive or be driven in' type of vehicle, making it great for those who enjoy the option to sit behind the wheel or at the back and relax from time to time.

Those interested can head over to Porsche Malaysia's official website.

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