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The Instagram feature has not been officially rolled out in the region, but you can already use it now, if you know how

If you've been thinking about dipping your toes into the world of Instagram Reels, good news: it's available in Hong Kong! The feature has not been made publicly available—probably for the same reason that Instagram Music isn't available here—but there is a way that you can start dabbling in the quick, video-sharing feature that you've seen take the other half of the world by storm.

It's simple: first, you have to sign up for a Creator or Business account.

Next, go to your profile page and tap on Insights.

Scroll past your insights, and you should see "Create Reel".

Tap on "Create Reel" and voila, you can start creating your very first Reel.

Below, some best practices direct from Instagram for you to get started on Reels.

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