Cover Facetune Video debuts in App Store, making it easy to retouch videos on iPhones and iPads (photo: Getty Images)

Facetune launches a video retoucher, making it easy to retouch skin, teeth, face, makeup and more—right on your phone or tablet.

Facetune, a longtime favourite photo-editing app of selfie-takers worldwide, debuts Facetune Video today—an iPhone and iPad video editor that specialises in "beautification" tools that have typically been more prevalent and readily available for static digital images. The Facetune Video app, which is available for free download in the App Store, offers users easy ways to retouch and reshape facial features—such as resurfacing skin texture, reshaping jawlines and face width, tweaking smiles and teeth, altering eye size and shape, and more. Additional VIP filters, presets, and features are available at subscription rates ranging from US$7.99 per month to a one-time purchase price of US$69.99.

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Calling itself "ridiculously easy to use," the Facetune Video app is built, harnessing the power of 3D face modelling, with social media in mind. Its editing tools include the following features (culled from the App Store description):

  • Smooth—smooth skin for a gorgeous complexion
  • Whiten—whiten teeth for a brighter smile
  • Reshape—adjust size, tilt, height or width of lips, nose, eyes and eyebrows
  • Makeup—apply any shade of lipstick
  • Conceal—remove dark circles under eyes
  • Glow—add a fresh-faced glow
  • Matte—get rid of extra shine
  • Eyes—change color & add details for brighter eyes
  • Essential editing—brightness, contrast, color, sharpen, saturation, temperature
  • Effects—light leaks, sparkles, shadows & overlays

Facetune Video was created by Lightricks, the startup behind Facetune and Facetune2, as well as an entire suite of social media photo-optimisers, including but not limited to Seen, an Instagram Stories customising tool, Enlight Photofox, which enhances photos and art work with filters and graphics tools, and Videoleap, a video editor and maker that makes professional editing tools available and easy to use on your phone.