Cover The Ferrari Portofino M combines world-class performance with a sleek, sophisticated design (Photo: Michael Lee)

Combining everyday comfort with power performance, the Ferrari Portofino M takes you from concrete jungle to the serene sights and sounds of the countryside with ease

The Portofino M isn’t just a car: it’s a lifestyle. Combining everyday comfort with power performance, it takes you effortlessly from the high-speed life of the city to the sights and sounds of the sprawling countryside.

Today, people’s wanderlust has reached peak levels, the desire to take the road less travelled and explore unconventional corners higher than ever before. But satisfying this desire need not involve a trip overseas, with more than three quarters of Hong Kong occupied by open, green landscapes.

Boasting a range of notable new features—earning an “M” for “modificata”, Italian for “modified”, in its name—the Portofino M is duality in motion. The Portofino M celebrates freedom, exploration and a sense of renewal, inviting fans on a journey of rediscovery.

No effort has been spared in the design of the Portofino M, from the diamond-finish wheel rims to the compact dimensions that help create a sleeker, more streamlined silhouette. The new profile echoes the car’s sporting capabilities and fits perfectly among the contemporary cafes of the Kennedy Town Praya, where supercars park with front-row seats at the harbour. The cockpit-style arrangement of the dashboard extends the driver’s experience to those in the passenger seat, making journeys like a drive across Hong Kong’s highest mountain range at Tai Mo Shan a more inclusive affair.

Making the most of life in this often fast-paced city means jetting from the city centre to its far-flung corners in typically Hong Kong fashion: quickly. Its compact size allows you to speed through crowded cities, while its powerful engine takes you from zero to 100km/h in just 3.45 seconds, allowing drivers to experience the true meaning of life in the fast lane. The new five-position Manettino ranges from race mode, designed for maximum driving pleasure, to wet mode, which allows for ultimate stability, slow, controlled comfort and the ability to enjoy the road less travelled at your own pace.

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