Auto Italia prepares for spectacular models from Ferrari and Maserati with a new brand centre.


Earlier this summer car dealers Auto Italia announced that it will open a new flagship car brand centre for Ferrari and Maserati in Repulse Bay this coming autumn.

The new brand centre, The Garage, is located on Repulse Bay Road and will take up two floors, covering approximately 19,000 square feet which will be Auto Italia’s largest brand facility in Hong Kong. The decision to open a new brand centre clearly reflects the confidence in the luxury car market in Hong Kong by Auto Italia.

“When we were notified that The Garage was available, we did not hesitate,” said John Newman, deputy managing director of Auto Italia. “We had been searching for a new flagship showroom to represent Ferrari and Maserati and felt that the size of the building, combined with the environment of Repulse Bay suited our needs perfectly.”

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Newman told us that Ferrari and especially Maserati would be launching several exciting new models during the coming two to three years. The Garage will provide enough display space and all of the support services which its customers requires.

“This new facility will enable us to represent both brands in one of Hong Kong’s most appealing locations. We know that our customers will enjoy visiting the showroom to relax with friends, enjoy an Italian coffee and view the range of cars, accessories and merchandise available at their leisure. It is this kind of relaxed, low-pressure environment that serves our business well.”

 Ferrari 458 Italia

Indeed, for Auto Italia, both Ferrari and Maserati are selling extremely well in the local market. For Ferrari, some of the most popular models among the brand include its 458 Italia and the California, which continues to find favour with Hong Kong clients with its multi-purpose design. Meanwhile, the four-door Quattroporte from Maserati still remains as one of favourites among local car fans.

What is the most popular request from customers in Hong Kong? Without a doubt, it would be “can I get the car today?” but unfortunately, every customer needs to wait.

“Each car takes several months to produce so a degree of patience is required,” explained Newman. “The same is true for connoisseurs of watches, fine wine and other exclusive products. The creation of a Ferrari or Maserati to suit a customer’s individual taste takes time.”

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For the lovely weather that we are enjoying now, Newman recommends drivers to take the Ferrari California or Maserati GranCabrio for a spin. These two models can be used daily with its roof up in the height of the summer. In the evening, drivers can lower the roof and enjoy the wonderful summer night sky, making the most out of both day and night.

  Maserati GranCabrio

To some people, purchasing a car is a very challenging task. Not only due to the technicalities and trends offered by different car models, but also because tastes of companions and family members are commonly taken into account.

But at the end of the day, choosing your perfect car is just like picking out any other luxury good; it can be very personal and subjective.

“Simply choose the model that appeals to your heart as much as your head. Buying any car is an emotional decision for many people. Cars are not simply transport – they express a person’s personality,” advised Newman.