Cover Photo: Courtesy of Enso

The latest wearable tech from Enso puts a whole new spin on clean living

Hong Kong’s poor air quality is a longstanding, common complaint among residents. From roadside traffic to hazy pollution and smog, health concerns stemming from long term exposure are on the radar of many city dwellers, especially given that Hong Kong frequently features on the world’s worst air quality rankings.

Options to safeguard yourself from harmful pollutants abound, from heavy-duty air purifying machinery at home and in the workplace, to more mobile solutions for commuters on the go. Firm believers that clean living begins with clean air, Enso takes this one step further with its newly launched ePurifier. The stylish wearable product can be worn around the neck, and with several colourful decorative cases available to choose from, could easily be mistaken for a purely aesthetic accessory.

Designed to last up to 30 hours on a single charge, the ePurifier is one of the smallest and lightest wearable air purifiers available. The technology, while powerful, is simple to grasp. A negative ioniser generates and emits ions that attach to airborne particles. These are then attracted to positively charged particles—on your clothing, furniture, books—instead of the air you breathe.

Practicalities aside, the portable purifier bridges form and function. As well as its purifying properties, the ePurifier contains a concealed, built-in mirror, leaving one less thing to pack in your bag as you head out for the day. And with seven brightly coloured printed covers––with more styles set to be released soon––to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a style that suits you, whether it’s a bold tortoiseshell or paisley print or one of the more understated, paler hued covers.

If you find yourself in a place where the air quality is of particular concern, turn your device on to Aura mode, giving the purifier an added boost—operating at full power for five minutes—when you need it most.

A stylish piece of wearable tech is an easy addition to your day, and one that could help reimagine what clean living means to you on a daily basis.

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