The budding classic car collector gives us the low down on the annual show

Justin Lui, litigation and investigations lawyer by day and executive member of the Hong Kong Classic Car Club gives us the inside scoop on how he became a member of the club, what goes into planning the annual Chater Road Classic Car Show and what attendees can expect to see. 

How and when did you first get involved in the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong? 

I have always had an interest in cars and around four years ago I followed a friend of mine to one of the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong's monthly morning drives. I got hooked onto the Club instantly. I enjoyed the variety of classic cars and I appreciated how all the members were friendly and they all had a genuine interest in classic cars of all sorts- from expensive to modest ones. I immediately filled out an application form (downloadable at and joined the Club and the rest was history.

What is your involvement in the Chater Road Classic Car Show?

I am on the Executive Committee of the Club, so I am involved in all our events one way or another. For the Chater Road Show, I will be involved in liaising with the press, set up of the venue and regalia distribution.

Do you have any cars that will be at the show? 

My freshly-restored 1976 Alfa Romeo GT1600 Junior (pictured) will be participating in the concours this year.

When did you get that car? How did you choose to purchase that one?

A mate of mine used to own my car when I wasn't into classics yet. Back then, I often questioned why would a young man like my mate have a flimsy-looking old car like that, until one day he gave me the keys and asked me to try it.  It was my first time ever driving anything older than 1990 and I fell in love with it instantly. It was "love at first drive". A couple of years later my mate had his first born and wanted to sell his car. Thankfully, he gave me the first right of refusal and it was a no brainer. Another reason I chose this car was that my car is an "original Hong Kong car", which means it has been in Hong Kong since when it was new in 1976, and that is quite rare.

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How long does it take to plan the show?

Three to four months. We have to get sponsors, secure the venue from the government, work with the Police and Fire Department for safety issues, hire security, invite members to join, select members cars for display and concours. It is a lot of work!

How many cars will be displayed and is everyone displaying cars a member of the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong?

We have around 130 cars on display, which is one of our biggest years. Only members of the Club can display their cars.

Who are the judges for this year’s show?

We have a number of judges every year, all of whom are our members. Our chief judge this year is Joseph Fung, who is very knowledgeable with classic cars and has quite an impressive collection.

How are the cars judged?

Apart from the general condition of the car, such as cleanliness and level of wear and tear, one of the most important element of a presentable classic car is its originality.  For example, does the car have its original paint, original wheels and original radio?  A car would likely win points if it still looks like the day it came out of the factory. 

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What are the different categories that the cars will be judged on? 

We have a number of categories for the concours in order to appreciate different classic cars that have different qualities. One classic car may have great body work but its engine may not be as outstanding, another classic car may have a pristine engine but body work that is not as good. As such we have different specific categories, such as Best Bodywork and Best Engine, in order to recognize cars with different outstanding features. There is of course also the 'Best Overall" prize which is, as the name suggests, the best overall car. Last year's winner of this award was Sir Michael Kadoorie's 1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III.

Which cars are you personally most excited to see at the show?

We have a number of rare vintage Ferraris this year which are always my personal favorite. We will also have a Aston Martin DB2 convertible which is one of two ever made in the world which guests should not miss out on.

The Chater Road Classic Car Show takes place on October 29, 2017.