With a new design language and innovative interior functions, the Audi A8 represents the future of luxury class, as anaesthetist Loh May-Han finds out

Getting herself behind the wheel is not quite what anaesthetist Loh May-Han likes, preferring to be the passenger. While seated in the backseat, she often takes the time to go through her lecture notes—she is also an adjunct professor at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore—check through her busy schedule or catch up on news on her mobile phone.

We invited her for a ride in the new Audi A8 one day, and she was charmed by the high-level of comfort she experienced in the four-door, full-size luxury sedan that snagged the highly coveted "World Luxury Car" title at the World Car Awards 2018. "I like that the design is not flashy, yet exudes a sense of quiet confidence and understated luxury," she says.

Here, she points out the aspects of the car that impressed her the most. 

Panoramic glass roof

The Audi A8 boasts a panoramic glass roof with a moveable glass cover in the front panel and an additional fixed glass one in the rear. This way, the morning sunshine can fill the car, while appreciating the sunset in the evening is a cinch.

“A definite yay for me! It's not just about stretching the legs out in the rear seats of the A8, it's also stretching the visual horizon to the skies above!” says May-Han, adding that the glass roof is one of her favourite design elements of the new car. As for those who are not a fan of the sun, the sedan comes fully equipped with electric sun blinds for the glass roof, rear window and rear door windows too.

Rear seat remote

In the backseat is a rear seat remote, a touchscreen device for the passenger that serves as a conduit into the world of Audi technology. Approximately the size of a smartphone, it can control many interior functions such as air conditioning, seating, lighting, and media functions. It can even activate the in-built seat and foot massage capabilities, which are options that can be added to the car.

“It feels intuitive to use. What does a passenger need? Music, aircon and a comfortable ride!” May-Han enthuses. The rear seat remote can also “transform” into a mobile phone when the car is equipped with the Audi phone-box. A microphone and small loudspeaker have been integrated into the remote, ensuring phone conversations are loud and clear. 

The drive in the Audi A8 was so comfortable, thanks to its luxurious valcona leather contour seats. I also like the rear seat remote at the back passenger seats. It gives me direct access to climate control, entertainment options, and even activating the panoramic sun roof

Back-seat experience

“I'm a back-seat driver and prefer to be driven around. The Audi A8 allows me to enjoy my ride yet still be in control,” admits May-Han. That is why she particularly enjoys the experience sitting in the electrically-adjustable comfort contour seats in Valcona leather. She gets full control over the inclination and length of the seats, which also boast heating and ventilation functions—this means regardless of the temperature of the surroundings, your body can be cooled or warmed up directly from the surface of the seats.

“The supple Valcona leather of the seats is great and their adjustable support is in the correct places. I especially like the optional seat massage function—massage on the go! I can’t complain at all.”

Cockpit experience

From where May-Han is sitting at the back of the Audi A8, she reckons that the driver’s cockpit looks “futuristic and avant-garde”. “It’s probably very fun for the driver!” she exclaims, referring to the whole host of options and indications on the infotainment system. And it’s no wonder how she arrives at that conclusion. There are two touch screens (8.6in and 10.1in), both of which are equipped with haptic and acoustic feedback.

Created with the Multimedia Touch Interface (MMI) touch response, the user interface of the screens is intuitive and very similar to a smartphone. Its voice recognition and handwriting capabilities also make for a seamless and integrated user driving experience. The Audi virtual cockpit provides key driving information such as navigation and route guidance right in front of the driver, making every journey a pleasant and less stressful one—even during peak hours.

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