Cover Photography: Gan, assisted by Sam Baderi; Art direction: Matilda Au; Grooming: Benedict Choo, using Kevin.Murphy and Nars

Dentist Ernest Rex Tan appreciates cars that meld design, technology and performance at the highest level—and these are the very qualities he discovers in the new Aston Martin Vantage

“It’s sleek and sporty, yet elegant and subtle,” says Ernest Rex Tan approvingly as he gives the new Aston Martin Vantage a once-over before taking it for a spin. As he moves in closer to check out the details of the 4.0L twin-turbocharged car, the founder and director of Smile Inc Dental Surgeons adds, “Its fluid lines, athletic exterior, narrowed front and rear lights will prompt a second look from anyone. At the same time, the car isn’t overly flamboyant, so it doesn’t strike you as a proverbial sports car.” 

Both a sports car enthusiast and owner, Rex, as he prefers to be called, has developed a discerning eye for aesthetics and performance. More often than not, he finds himself drawn to cars with unique silhouettes as well as those that combine timeless design and progressive technology. 

Aston Martin is among the select marques whose cars have held Rex’s fascination for years. While it was the iconic Aston Martin DB5 that had wowed him as a child when it made its first appearance in the James Bond movie Goldfinger (1964), it was the car’s reappearance alongside its contemporaries in Casino Royale (2006) that left an indelible impression on Rex. “Aston Martin has an outstanding heritage. Besides its long association with the James Bond films, it’s also the representative of fine British tradition, design and engineering.”

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As a prosthodontist and restorative dentist, Rex is no stranger to the demands of having to perform at the highest standards with zero margin for error. As such, it is only natural for him to expect the same level of excellence in a car. Engineered to thrive under such exacting standards, the new Vantage is capable of performing as well as it looks. 

It has been 12 years since the last Vantage was launched, and the new car is now sharper and more aggressive. Thanks to its new V8 engine, which was provided by Mercedes‑AMG as part of the two marques’ ongoing relationship, the new Vantage delivers a monstrous 503hp and 685Nm of torque. On the road, the two-door sports car ranks high among its competitors with an impressive century sprint of 3.6sec and a top speed of 314km/h. And purists can be assured that the Aston Martin engineers have constructed the engine to retain the unique character and feel that its cars are known for.

While the performance figures look good, what is most stunning about the new Vantage for Rex is how every part comes together to create a driver-focused ride. “The car presents an easy but agile and adrenaline-filled drive that is comfortable thanks to the great ergonomics. It is also responsive with good power on tap,” he enthuses, adding that the car would be great for daily driving around the city. Its power, of course, is paired with a fierce soundtrack, which will surely draw attention.

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Admiring the new Vantage’s optional duotone interior in obsidian black with spicy red leather, Rex says, “The interior is also as it should be—classy and refined, with a hint of sportiness to match the car’s personality.” In addition to a wide range of interior colour combinations, which owners can customise with the Q by Aston Martin personalisation service, the car also boasts the features that owners have come to expect of their luxury rides—smart controls, a top‑notch audio system, an intuitive navigation system and driver aids.

Perhaps the biggest compliment Rex can heap on the new Vantage is how the car shares similar traits to him as a dentist. For the man and the machine, there is a clear focus on serving the needs of the patient and the driver, respectively. At the same time, both embody the qualities of precision, performance and progressiveness to a fault.

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