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Apple's latest M2 chip shines in the new redesigned MacBook Air while the iPhone and iPad get enhanced features with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) is usually reserved to showcase brand new updates to its operating systems: iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS. As expected, Apple made several big announcements including two new laptops that run on its new more powerful M2 chip as well as updates for iOS 16 software for iPhones, macOS Ventura for Mac computers, and watchOS 9 for its Apple Watch wearable devices.

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The new MacBook Air shines with the M2 chip

One of the big surprises that came out of WWDC 2022 is the new, redesigned MacBook Air. The slim and lightweight laptop, which was due for a design overhaul since its last update in 2018, certainly looks better.

The new MacBook Air takes some elements from Apple’s current higher-end MacBook Pro and the iMac line. This means it has thinner bezel that surround its gorgeous 13.6-inch display letting you take in the gorgeous visuals. It is also thinner overall, measuring just 11.3mm thick, and lighter, weighing just 1.2kg, than its predecessor.

Another fancy new addition to the MacBook Air is the MagSafe connector, which allows the power cable to attach magnetically to the laptop. Now you don’t need to worry if someone were to trip on the wire. Apple’s latest laptop also supports fast charging via its optional 67-watt USB-C power adapter, enabling it to recharge up to 57 per cent in just half an hour.

But the real star of the show has to be Apple’s M2 chip, the successor to its first generation internally produced M1 chip. The M2 chip is a pretty big deal, as it is touted to offer more power-efficient performance while maintaining blazing speed to handle the most demanding tasks.


A feature-packed iOS 16

Apple users for the longest time may envy the freedom Android users enjoy in being able to customise their devices. One of the biggest changes coming to Apple’s new iOS 16 is a customisable lock screen. Definitely, it is a feature that is long overdue and will now allow users to change the style, font, colour, and even the widget that appear on their lock screen.

Besides being able to give your lock screen a fresh coat of paint, Apple has also improved dictation on iO16 allowing you to type seamlessly with your voice. In addition, the Live Text feature that let you look up information from text within photos now works in videos, so you just need to pause it and search for information within it.

If you have multiple Apple devices used by various family members, Apple is making its Family Sharing feature even better this year. Parents can set parental controls like screen time limits and also control apps that are being downloaded by children, ensuring they are age appropriate.

Last not least, Apple is making big strides in its Fitness app, which is a big feature on the Apple Watch. Soon, it will be made available on the iPhone with iOS 16 and it will use the phone’s motion sensors to track your step count, distance walked, flights of stairs climbed, and other workout activities.

Look out for iOS 16 later this year, as it is expected to be installed on the upcoming iPhone 14 devices. It is set to be available for iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2020 models and above.

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iPadOS 16 makes your tablet more useful

The iPhone isn’t the only device getting enhanced features this year. iPadOS 16, the latest software for iPads finally gives Apple’s tablets some exciting new features with the new Stage Manager multitasking experience.

Basically, this allows iPads powered on Apple’s M1 chips to organise their apps and windows, allowing you to create overlapping windows of different sizes like you would on a desktop. Also, this lets you open apps from the dock to create groups of apps, letting you stay productive.

iPadOS 16 finally unlocks the tablet’s potential as a multiscreen device, as it allows you to work with up to four apps on the iPad and another four on an external display simultaneously. For professionals who like to rock an iPad to work, the new Reference Mode turns the 12.9-inch iPad Pro into an excellent second monitor for your desktop or Macbook, accurately matching the colour requirements when performing colour grading and compositing work.

It certainly is a good time to be an iPad user as iPadOS 16 is slated to be available as a free upgrade later this year. The latest iPad software will be available to all iPad Pro models, on the iPad (5th gen and newer), iPad mini (5th gen and newer), and iPad Air (3rd gen and newer).

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