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From the all-new M1 Chip, to the new MacBook Air and iOS features, we're breaking down everything that was announced at Apple's latest event

Shortly after Apple launched the new iPhone 12 and HomePod mini, the tech giant announced its ‘One More Thing’ event, hinting at additional product reveals. After all the anticipation, the event finally went live yesterday (November 10), announcing its first homemade chip for their new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. 

Wasn’t able to catch the reveal live? Find the recorded video below or read our quick summary on all the products unveiled at the event. 

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Above Apple's 'One More Thing' Event

Apple M1 Chip

While Apple has been using its own chips for iPhones and iPads for years, Mac computers have been using Intel chips since 2005. After years of perfecting its first homemade chip specifically designed for Macs, the M1 chip is introduced. 

Promising to deliver “incredible performance, custom technologies and revolutionary power efficiency”, M1 combines the processor, I/O, security, and memory in a single chip, packing 16 billion transistors while being the first computer chip built using 5-nanometer process technology. 

Look forward to an increase in battery life, CPU performance and faster-integrated graphics. 

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iOS Apps on Mac

For the first time ever, Macs will support universal apps, allowing users to open a wider range of apps on their computers. Developers will be able to transition iOS apps to both M1 and Intel Macs thanks to Apple’s new technology, Rosetta 2. Helping M1-based devices to run apps designed for the Intel chips, you’d be able to access all apps on Mac, moving seamlessly from one device to another. 

“Rosetta is meant to ease the transition to Apple silicon, giving you time to create a universal binary for your app. It is not a substitute for creating a native version of your app,” says Apple’s developer page.

Big Sur

Unveiled in June, Big Sur—Apple’s macOS 11.0 update—received a release date for November 12. The first macOS to support Apple’s new M1 chip, users can download the update and find the new customisable Control Center and privacy-focused features such as a password monitoring tool. Other new features include an even faster Safari, easier translations and transparent privacy reports.

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MacBook Air

Fanless, thinner and lighter than before, the new 8-cores M1-powered MacBook Air boasts a longer battery life and works 3.5 times faster than the previous generation. Promising up to 15 hours of battery life when browsing the web and 18 hours watching video, the fanless feature also means it’ll stay silent throughout your Netflix binges.

The New MacBook Air will be available starting November 17 in Hong Kong with prices starting from $7,999

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MacBook Pro

Featuring the same TouchID, Wifi 6 and TouchBar as the previous model, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro sports the same appearance as the previous models. Powered by M1, the new MacBook Pro promises up to 2.8 CPU performance and 5 times the graphic speed. Supporting up to 2TB SSD storage and 16GB of memory, you’ll be able to browse the internet for up to 17 hours or 20 hours of video playback. 

The New MacBook Pro will be available starting November 17 in Hong Kong with prices starting from $9,999

Mac Mini

The M1 chip will also be upgrading the Mac mini, showcasing a CPU that’s three times the previous speed and an 8-core GPU. Featuring two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, a headphone jack, HDMI 2.0 and gigabit ethernet, the Mac mini will support up to 2TB SSD and up to 16GB of memory. 

The New Mac mini will be available starting November 17 in Hong Kong with prices starting from $5,499

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