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Featuring private jets, race cars and bulletproof vehicles, "the most insane showroom in the world" has set up shop at City of Dreams, Macau

If James Bond needed retail therapy, he'd get it from TheArsenale—an online marketplace for the world's most sought-after gadgets, toys and machines from land, sea and air. We're talking private jets, submarines, rare cars, bicycles and boats, customised timepieces, artworks and more.

Founded by Frenchman Patrice Meignan—who's always been passionate about what he calls 'boys' toys' because of the freedom they represent—TheArsenale has just opened their second physical showroom (after Miami) in Macau this July.

Located along The Boulevard at City of Dreams, TheArsenale gives visitors the chance to not only marvel at these machines up-close but purchase them on the spot as well. See what you can expect at TheArsenale in Macau with our top 10 picks:

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1. Centauri Valkyrie

Inspired by classic fighter jets, the Centauri Valkyrie is a private jet that can seat up to five people (including the pilot) with hand-stitched leather seats, customisable platings and trim material—plus a range of custom finishes.

With the largest one-piece canopy in the world, you and your passengers will have the best visibility in the skies as you fly to your destination.

Price: US$1,300,000

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2. Rezvani Tank

Jamie Foxx has one, so why shouldn't you? The Rezvani Tank was designed to be the closest experience to "a jet on wheels" and comes with complete bulletproofing, a 500 HP engine, and extreme off-road suspension to handle the toughest of terrains.

No ordinary SUV, the Rezvani Tank is a mixture of luxury, ruggedness and futurism that also comes in a 'Ballistic Armor' package—making it suitable for military operations (or just trips to the store).

Price: US$245,000

3. Beau Lake Pedal Boat

Created for the eco-conscious boater, Beau Lake's Runabout pedal boat is self-draining, ergonomically designed and produces zero emissions.

Take it out for sunset cruises with some champagne in tow—designed with sleek leather seating and a mahogany or maple wood deck, there's even a compartmentalised cooler that's contoured to the boat.

Price: US$20,000

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4. Renault Sport R.S.18 Race Car

The Renault R.S.18 first made its debut in the 2018 Australian Grand Prix and competed in the 2018 Formula One World Championship.

Built to be the lightest and most powerful car ever by the Renault F1 team, its features include a carbon fibre chassis, aluminium honeycomb composite monocoque, and carbon fibre suspensions both in the front and rear.

Price: US$650,000

5. Fiik Drifter

Meant to give you that 'out of control' feeling while still being completely in control, the FiiK Drifter is the only rear-wheel drive electric drift trike on the market, giving you the ability to drift not only downhill, but on flat surfaces and uphill as well.

Price: US$3,000

6. 'The Tank' chair by Pharrell Williams

Designed by Pharrell Williams, 'The Tank' chair is made of plexiglass and full-grain colt leather and comes in four colours: black, white, pink and blue.

Furniture or art? It's up to you.

Price: Approx. US$40,000

7. iXOOST Esavox speakers

Taking on the look of exotic supercar brand, Automobili Lamborghini, the iXOOST EsaVox sound system incorporates a genuine Lamborghini exhaust system (and its intricate tubing) in a beautiful design made of carbon and wood.

The EsaVox sound systems are made on-demand, take 60-90 days to produce and come in five colours (black, orange, yellow, red and green).

Price: US$24,000

8. Bogarde X Dior Gold BMX Bicycle

Dior fans will want to get their hands on this limited edition BMX bike created in collaboration with French bike maker, Bogarde.

Only 100 of these bikes were ever made, so whether you're a bike or fashion enthusiast, don't pass up the opportunity to take one home.

Price: US$25,000

9. Quadrofoil Q2S Electric

Above Video: Courtesy of Quadrofoil

Looking like something straight out of a sci-fi movie, the Quadrofoil Q2S Limited Edition is a stunning watercraft that glides across the water at a max speed of 40km/hr.

Powered by two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, soundless and practically unsinkable, this is one gorgeous ride that will turn heads wherever you go.

Price: US$65,000

10. Ujet Electric Scooter

Above Video: Courtesy of Ujet

Ultra-light and robust, the Jet Electric Scooter weighs just 43 kilograms and folds up in seconds, making it easily stored in the back of your car, yacht, home or office.

Choose from the diamond or curved shape, a low or high seat, and five cool colour options including black and rose gold. Fast charging options let you go as far as 70km or 150km on a single charge, depending on the size of the smart battery.

Price: US$8,000

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TheArsenale Showroom in Macau is open from 11am to 11pm daily at Level 1, The Boulevard, City of Dreams.

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