We take a look at some of our favourites designs from one of the most iconic and celebrated industrial designers in the world.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 568

The third collaboration between the famous Swiss horologist Jaeger-LeCoultre (JLC) and Marc Newson, the Atmos 568 is a true work of art. Made to seem like its timekeeping mechanism is floating in the air, the goal of the timepiece was all about lightness, transparency and simplicity. Housing that gorgeous JLC mechanism is an equally gorgeous crystal casing, adding to that "barely there" illusion.

(RED) Leica Camera

Created for RED organisation's design auction in 2013, this sleek camera was designed by both Marc Newson and his good friend and peer Jony Ive. If that name rings a bell, that's because Ive is the chief design officer for Apple. To create this one-of-a-king camera, the designer duo had to fully immerse themselves in the camera's mechanics in order to strip away the unncessary and let shine its functionality. This is one tool that not only looks handsome in photos but can also take great ones too.

Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage

Envisioned for the 21st century traveller, this stunning Louis Vuitton luggage made in 2016 in collaboration with Marc Newson saw the famous designer bring his signature aesthetics to the Parisian fashion house. What resulted is an innovative new range of rolling trunks, utilising aluminum, leather, mongram canvas, polypropylene and textile as key materials. It isn't only beautifully Louis Vuitton, it's also extremely functional and stylish.

Hennessy X.O Limited Edition

Collaborating with another iconic French brand, this time legendary cognac makers Hennessy, Marc Newson envisions a new kind of limited edition bottle to house the prestigious Hennessy X.O. Newson, choosing to express the cognac's iconic decorative motifs, grapes and vines, in a corrugated relief, making for a bold yet understated design that stands out.

Montblanc M

Montblanc's first collaboration with an external designer outside of their maison resulted in the Montblanc M with Newson, a clean yet stylish range of pens that used black resin and an innovative magnetic cap-closing mechanism that ensured that the cap would always close aligned with the company's logo. The entire collection features a fountain pen, ballpen, rollerball, stylus pen and an artfineliner.

Coast Chairs

The bio for this product in Newson's official website states that these bright and colourful chairs were first created for a restaurant in 1995 named Coast in London. However, in 2002 Newson redesigned the chairs in plastic for an Italian company called Magis, breathing new life into this funky furniture. Wouldn't this brighten up your house?

Heineken The Sub

In 2013, well known beer maker Heineken enlisted Newson's help to create The Sub, a draught beer appliance that would allow consumers to have a premium beer experience right in their own home. The device created is part draught pouring machine and part cooler, coming from a partnership between Heineken and Krups. The device allowed drinkers to have an incredibly chilled perfect pour beer at home, a luxury in its own right.

Ajinomoto Condiment Bottles

Even the humble condiment bottle design receives a Newson makeover. For their 100th anniversary, Japanese seasoning brand Ajinomoto asked Newson to create a new recognisable design to be associated with them. Simple, rounded and looking like the iconic Mt Fuji in the distance, these salt shakers have a design that speaks volumes about its Japanese origin.

Rocky Rocking Horse

Made for children and the second of Newson's designs aimed towards kids, the Rocky Rocking Horse is the designer's take on the traditional toy. Like most of his designs, we enjoy the simple yet polished aesthetics of this creation that features minimal interruptions, allowing a viewer to appreciate form and function altogether. It's as if it was made for both kids and adults.

NikeLab Air VaporMax

In 2017, Nike's VaporMax shoe platform would see a unique collaboration with Newson, definitely not his first collaboration in a relationship that stretches back to 2000. For his design, Newson used a combination of leather and Nike's flyknit, making for what the Australian designer says is a "wonderful cultural juxtaposition of skills and things". A little bit urban and a little bit sporty, it's a shoe that you can and would want to use daily.

You can check out all of Marc Newson's past projects on his official website.