We may all be Jimmy Choo or Picasso at heart by fashioning our own bespoke and made-to-order footwear. Here are the brands to go if you desire a pair of your own design.

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Louis Vuitton: Now Yours Run Away Sneakers

Owning a pair of sneakers that touches your sole (literally!) and ties with your signature style is a service that’s offered for the Now Yours Run Away sneakers. The designing stages begin with selecting the fabric such as calf leather or full alligator. Then, the shoes are further defined by the type of laces, heel and the variety of colours to choose like Damier Graphite and Monogram Eclipse.  

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Fendi: #MyFendiColibrí Shoes

Adding exquisite details like your three initials on the ribbon of a pair of Colibrí are just some of the unique touches. Explore your creative side by surveying the range of the Colibrí’s make-up like settling for an embroidered or satin pair. Be inspired by Japanese actress and fashion icon Emma Ash as she presents her creation of the animalier calf-print with black straps.   

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Gucci: Ace Sneakers

We’ve spent hours on Gucci DIY collection’s site admiring the many quirky yet original designs decorated with delicate touches and their main personalised star are the Ace sneakers. Patches of letter appliqués that make the initials on the shoes are one of the House’s ground-breaking take on visual self-expression.

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Ermenegildo Zegna: My Cesare Collection

It’s de ja vu seeing this collection being recommended again (as seen in our previous list 5 High-Fashion Sneakers Collections To Pump Up Your Kicks) but we’re a fan, we can’t get enough of this collection by the mere aesthetics alone. Now just look at all the attention to detail! It’s even in the name that the material construction and customisation of Pantone colours for the logo are what makes the pair yours. Create your own My Cesare style at selected boutiques worldwide, and on Farfecth and WeChat.

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XALF: Belle and True Collections

The latest XALF collections by footwear fashion entrepreneur duo Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor is an extensive curation that goes beyond the ordinary slip-ons. Introducing a bespoke trend that’s overpowering fast fashion, the Belle and True collections take a whole other level of customisation from an array of over 60 types of leather and other materials.