The style journey is constantly evolving, and no one knows this better than fashion entrepreneur Tresor Anne Tan

Feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear even though the reality is quite the opposite—it’s a conundrum that fashion entrepreneur Tresor Anne Tan knows only too well.
Together with co-founder Carolyn Tan, Tresor runs The Treasure Collective, Singapore’s first subscription-based peer-to-peer designer clothing rental platform that offers you access into other members’ wardrobes. Launched in November last year, with only womenswear in its collection, the company is looking to expand into menswear, while building a collection of streetwear.

Tresor may be running a fashion business while amassing an impressive wardrobe filled with contemporary and luxury designer clothing, but there was a time when she didn’t have a firm sense of her own personal style. “A lot of people find this hard to believe, but I was a really late bloomer,” she shares. “I only started having a real sense of my style in my late twenties. Before that, I was clueless and just chased popular brands without understanding what worked for me personally.”
But all that changed when she started climbing the corporate ladder in banking. With more high-profile meetings to attend and armed with a little bit more financial freedom, the former corporate communications director looked to fashion magazines to learn about trends and luxury brands.

Then when online shopping became popular, Tresor frequented sites such as Net-a-porter, and has never looked back since. But while she does a majority of her shopping online now, she still values the retail experience at bricks-and-mortar stores. To her, nothing beats the high-quality service offered at luxury fashion stores, Dior in particular.
Springtime florals and blush tones are just a few details that make up the fashion entrepreneur’s signature style. “I’m a bit of a romantic, so do I love a good print. I also tend to gravitate towards typical feminine details such as ruffles. But I’m still trying to experiment. With The Treasure Collective, I not only have access to a variety of different styles, I’m also able to walk the talk and be more adventurous with my dressing.”

Trendy clothes and accessories aside, Tresor remains a firm believer in the classics. When she finds something she loves, she tends to stock up. Case in point: her Chanel slingback pumps, which she has eight pairs of in the exact same colourway.
Another wardrobe must-have? The amethyst jewellery pieces she wears every day. “My mother tells me that I have to wear amethyst because it helps with people relations. So now I have a couple of jewellery pieces from [Italian fine jeweller] Pomellato that have become my everyday go-to staples. So far, she hasn’t been wrong!” 

Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the items in Tresor's closet ...

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