Eschewing today’s fast fashion trends, jeweller KC Sukamto favours timeless threads so that her jewellery is the focal point.

Eleven years ago, jeweller KC Sukamto found herself at a crossroad—stay in Los Angeles to pursue film studies or embark on a fashion design course in London. She eventually chose to go into the world of fashion and, upon graduation, got a job as a fashion stylist in New York. Since then, the Central Saint Martins graduate has turned her attention to fine jewellery design, with her eponymous label in Los Angeles, where she is currently based.

A strong believer in creating classic jewellery pieces, her work involves designing engagement rings or repurposing older creations that have been passed down the family for generations. “I love breathing new life into jewellery,” she enthused during this interview when she was back in Singapore to visit her family. “In the world of fast fashion where there’s always something new all the time, people can’t keep up. I want to try to fight that.”

This is why KC finds herself returning back to basics when it comes to jewellery design. Simplicity to her is a heightened focus on the quality of the stones, instead of the gold casting that holds them in place. A good point of reference would be her signature engagement rings, which feature clean lines and exquisite gemstones. This pursuit of simplicity translates into her dressing as well—KC looks to brands such as Céline for a cleaner, neater aesthetic. “I believe in minimalist dressing, and I think your statement should always be made with jewellery. Everything just looks better with diamonds.”

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“When it comes to jewellery design, it’s important to know the technical side of things,” she explained. “But there’s a certain aspect of it that comes from an innate creative force.” KC credits her mother for her sense of creativity, having been inspired by her incredible closet since she was a young girl. Some of her most cherished pieces include her mother’s vintage Gianni Versace dresses that are priceless today. 

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When the occasion calls for it, KC doesn’t shy away from dramatic silhouettes and often turns to brands such as Dundas and Prada for their embellishments and beautiful feathers to make an entrance. A fan of the avant-garde aesthetic, she adores brands such as Balenciaga which seek to make luxury fashion into everyday wear.

KC also recently started adopting a laidback style because of her hectic schedule. She loves the current sneaker trend for its ability to transform one’s look from day to night. Besides, they are comfortable to wear when she runs her errands. Juggling her work and caring for her two toddlers is also no easy feat, leaving her with barely enough time for herself. That is why she prefers to keep her beauty routine simple—with a swift bold brow and light lip balm as her go-to look. 

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