Rebellious yet optimistic, the Dior Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Women's RTW collection is Maria Grazia Chiuri's exploration into the world of fantasy and fairy tale

Dior's latest A/W 2021-2022 Women's RTW collection makes a bold statement on the imagination. Though it was inspired by fairytales, the collection is far from naïve. Instead, it draws on a mature network of symbolism that serves to question stereotypes and challenge the status quo. Maria Grazia Chiuri's sartorial reinterpretation of these timeless classics serve as a dramatic reminder of creativity and meaning.

Tying it back to some of our favourite childhood stories, we've reimagined—as Dior themselves have—how these looks translate on some of our favourite fairytale characters. Here are our top pics: 

1. Wicked Witch of the West

From the structured top to the luxurious, inky-blue bodice and rebellious see-through skirt, this entire look is as imaginative as it is eclectic. We imagine this could be a modern take on an outfit the Wicked Witch of the West (from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) could wear on her adventures. 

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2. Gretel

How stylish would Gretel be walking into the forest towards the gingerbread house in this? Tres chic. 

3. The Red Queen

In the second installation of Alice In Wonderland: Though the Looking Glass, readers are introduced to the Red Queen, who likens her rise to power as a game of chess. With this, we think it would be perfect for the queen herself to don this inspired piece. 

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4. The Little Mermaid

An ombre dress reminiscent of the sea. This gown is one that the Little Mermaid would trade her voice simply to wear.

5. Anastasia

When you grow up watching Anastasia, you're bound to fall in love with her style. In the beginning, her style read as rather androgynous before but then at the end, as she discovers her own royal roots, she transforms—quite literally—into a princess. Dior's latest collection, in all its versatility, has managed to pull off both styles for the charming granddaughter of the czarina. 

6. Thumbelina

A true couture creation, this dress makes a bold statement. In fact, it reminds us of Thumbelina, the tiny girl born from a flower who later falls in love with a fairy-prince. We're sure her story would be accurately depicted by its floral muse. 

7. Little Red Riding Hood

The runway would be incomplete without a dramatic red outfit to cinch the show. Made with structured pieces that come in a variety of scarlets, this outfit would make even Little Red Riding Hood proud. 

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