Sabrina Ho sticks to a high-low mix as she stays on track to running her mum’s jewellery business one day.

“I’m not the sort who goes into a store, whips out a credit card, and says, ‘I’ll take this, this, this and this,’” Sabrina Ho says vehemently. “If I see something I like, I’d think about it for some time first, and either save up for it or say, ‘Mummy, this is very nice…’” she quips, referring to mum Belinda Chua. “We’re the same size, so we can share things.” 

The 22-year-old business marketing undergraduate keeps her dressing simple on schooldays—skinny jeans with plain white, black or grey tops—because “less is more”, and favours high-street apparel from Zara, Topshop and H&M. “I also like to shop in South Korea because the clothes are stylish and the cutting suits me. For designer goods, I like Paris as there’s more variety and it’s just a nicer shopping environment, with better service.” It’s Givenchy and Chanel for bags and accessories (“Goyard tote, for everyday use”), and Stella McCartney for shoes. Instagram is scoured for styling inspiration. 

“When attending events, I like J Mendel and Mary Katrantzou. I like to keep my outfit sleek, and pair it with the right jewellery from my mother’s Flower Diamond Boutique. They have some ‘younger’ designs, so I’m very lucky.”

The plan is to help with Flower Diamond’s marketing after she graduates, and having taken jewellery design courses before, she also intends to start a younger line, inspired by edgy fine jewellery brands like Repossi. “Yes, I’ll take over the business one day—I’ve known that since I was in primary school,” she laughs. “I hear ‘Next time when you take over…’ from my mum almost every day.”