Our Most Stylish Woman 2015, Datin Sabrena Dani, takes us inside her extravagant wardrobe for a little sneak peek.

If she had her way, Datin Sabrena Dani would probably be in a plain white top, jeans and sandals all day long. Given her lithe frame and naturally stylish persona, she will still look fabulous – like an off-duty model.

That's just the way she is and also why she is our Most Stylish Woman 2015. The effortless chic style sensibility of hers is always on point and when it's time to dress to the nines, Datin Sabrena never ceases to impress.

She says with a laugh, "I do like to dress up when attending big events and parties. That's the time I experiment with different looks and styles."

That said, it comes with no surprise that her wardrobe is one that has us turning green with envy. From bags and shoes to dresses and designer jeans, every single thing in her fashion treasure trove imbues luxury at its finest.

Here, the charming fashionista and young mother takes us on an exploration journey into her wardrobe to unearth all the fashion goodness that lies within.

If she has to put into perspective the type of fashionista she is, she would be a New Yorker – contemporary, cool and edgy. Like the restless and energetic city, Datin Sabrena never settles into one style. She says, "I don't think I have a particular style. I simply love trying new things all the time. Isn't that what fashion is all about?"

She is like the 'It' girl you often see in fashion films. She's the one that can make a plain t-shirt look like the hottest item of the season.

Unlike most fashionistas, Datin Sabrena doesn't have a personal wardrobe space. She actually shares it with her dashing husband, Datuk Md Wira Dani Daim.

She explains, "My wardrobe is a shared space with my husband. He wanted a separate one but because we are starting a family together, we need to be smart about it."

Even then, the combined space with her husband is still one that amazes us.

Since young, bags have always been Datin Sabrena's favourite accessory. From her first ever Chanel classic quilted jumbo flap bag, she has accumulated over 40 wonderful pieces and each of them holds a special place in her heart.

She says, "I've always been a bag girl but it was my husband that made me a shoe girl as well. He was the one to introduced me to the beauty of Christian Louboutins. From the Pigalles to the spiked Candies, I have them all!"

When asked about her most memorable fashion item of all time, she pointed out a limited edition Lady Dior bag in metallic yellow, designed by German artist Anselm Reyle. It was a chance encounter in London during her annual shopping trip and when she saw it, she knew she had to have it.

Another favourite is from Giuseppe Zannotti, her other favourite shoe designer. She says, "The most eccentric piece in my collection has to be my Giuseppe Zanotti heel-less platform d'Orsay pumps. It's a breathtaking platform pumps with an incredible arch and no heels."

Aside from her international designer purchases, Datin Sabrena is also an avid supporter of emerging local talents. Some of her favourites include Innai Red, Alia Bastamam and Justin Chew.

She says, "Every year, Innai Red will show at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and I always look forward to see the collection. Alia Bastamam is great for minimal and elegant looks, while Justin Chew always comes up with interesting and edgy concepts."

(Photos of wardrobe & handbags courtesy of Datin Sabrena Dani)

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