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How Mastercard’s Priceless Hong Kong campaign aims to reenergise Hong Kong and support the city’s businesses, big and small

“During trying times, we all need little things in life that can transform the mundane into the magical.” Like so many of us, the past year has left Helena Chen, managing director, Hong Kong and Macau, Mastercard, searching for a new perspective.

While travel remains an inaccessible pastime, Chen has found respite from the everyday stresses and pressures in familiar places. Mastercard’s Priceless Hong Kong campaign champions these everyday moments. “We want to bring a wider scope of invaluable moments to share with friends and family,” Chen says of the campaign.

Watch the video below to learn about Helena Chen and Vivienne Tam's most priceless moments:

Above Videography: Aaron Luk

Established in 2014, Priceless Hong Kong has recently been reimagined, offering a wide range of experiential offers to cardholders. To celebrate International Women’s Day, they partnered with several leading female entrepreneurs. It was during this time that a conversation began between Chen and fashion designer Vivienne Tam.

“Mastercard first approached me with the idea to empower women and support female entrepreneurs. This sense of empowerment really resonated with me, and I wanted to do my part to support women both here in Hong Kong, and in the rest of the world,” says Tam.

For Chen, empowerment involves “delegating, risk-taking, and having confidence in other people,” while for Tam, it means endless possibilities; “an abundance of love and energy, creative ideas and a desire to do amazing, beautiful things.” Both Chen and Tam see empowerment as a tool to help support Hong Kong’s entrepreneurs and creatives, and soon came to the conclusion that their shared vision extended well beyond International Women’s Day. The pair began discussing how to make a long-lasting impact, working to help entrepreneurs and play their part in “reenergising Hong Kong.”

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Tam’s Opera Girl collection—which Mastercard cardholders can enjoy an exclusive discount on—is representative of heritage and cultural revitalisation, says Tam. It was inspired in no small part by Tam’s own explorations of Hong Kong, something she encourages everyone to make time to do. Tam urges people to “Explore Hong Kong with the heart of a tourist.” Viewing things as if for the first time, she says, instills a new appreciation in us all for the wealth of culture and heritage on our doorstep.

Tam and Mastercard’s shared mission is to help reenergise Hong Kong. Ultimately, Chen says, “it’s about reminding Hongkongers to re-appreciate the priceless moments.”

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