Take a look at some of Versace's Fall-Winter 2021 pieces that would look amazing on some of our favourite celebrities

We can tell a lot about a celebrity's personality through the clothes they wear as they take the stage—and their style evolves just as quickly as they reinvent themselves, ready to stun in a new era. Recently, Versace has done the same by reinventing the iconic Greca motif for the Fall-Winter 2021 collection. And we've started picturing our favourite celebrities in these gorgeous and elegant pieces.

Take a look at some of the pieces from the Versace Fall-Winter 2021 collection we'd love to see on a few celebrities:

Lady Gaga

Sometime during Lady Gaga's Born This Way era, this multi-awarded singer wore a lot of leather. This edgy style on Gaga is alluring, especially when she sports her blonde hair. But truthfully, Lady Gaga would look amazing in anything—even in a meat suit. 

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry would look divine in this ensemble. Surely, motherhood has given her an added glow. But even as she spends her time at home with her bundle of joy, we would still love to daydream about this singer wearing this same style. For certain, Katy would look lovely in this sultry yet elegant Versace dress.


We are convinced that every colour goes well on Beyonce. But Queen B has made quite a statement when she wore a deep royal blue gown and posted the photo on Instagram. A plunging top paired with these black pants is the ultimate power outfit that would make Beyonce appear like the true queen she is.

Rosé of Blackpink

After Rosé dazzled us during Blackpink's The Show, we couldn't stop thinking about her outfit. Rosé would definitely look even more lovely in this bright all-magenta outfit. It's youthful and chic—a perfect look for the Korean performer. Apart from this, Rosé has an hourglass figure which will be well-accentuated.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra-Jonas often wears long dresses that compliment her slender figure. With her silhouette, she would look amazing in this Versace signature metal mesh dress that accentuates the waist. Since the actress is often spotted in mesh pieces, it's highly likely that she'll love this look.

Jennifer Lopez

JLo looks beautiful in every outfit she wears. We've seen her don long coats during the inauguration, before and during her performance, and it's become one of our favourites. Should JLo decide to wear a new coat, this singer and actress may consider the new Versace coat that displays an elegant shade of brown and a mix of maze patterns. The shade even compliments her gorgeous tan skin.

Dua Lipa

It's no secret that Dua Lipa loves her Versace pieces. And since she always loves to pair her coats with crop tops, she might as well try on this coat that features Versace's new 3D print to match with a plain black top and shorts.

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