Cover Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner star in Versace's SS21 campaign featuring La Medusa

Whatever your style may be, there’s a La Medusa handbag for you

In Greek mythology, Medusa is hailed as a lethal seductress who could turn living creatures into stone with one look into her eyes—talk about fatal attraction! From being portrayed as a fearsome creature, Medusa has evolved to become a protective token to ward off evil and a rallying symbol for liberty.

The story of how the Medusa head came to be the iconic logo of Versace is more than just based on personal nostalgia but one that serves as a visual cue to the brand’s identity. Recalling the mosaic artwork of the mythological figure he’d found on the floor in the ancient ruins at Reggio di Calabria where he grew up, Gianni Versace chose Medusa as the logo because of her magnetic attraction and hopes that people will similarly be drawn to the brand’s clothes and accessories. To him, Medusa is perhaps the perfect representation of the Versace woman—a woman so unapologetic in her beauty and attitude that she’s wildly desired by everyone who looks at her.

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Blue is my favourite colour because for me it represents freedom. When I am in the sea, I feel free. When I’m surrounded by elements of nature and clear blue skies, I feel truly happy and all that is wrong in the world disappears. The world becomes blue.
Donatella Versace

Inspired by the ultimate muse who embodies its heart and soul, it’s about time the Italian house proudly introduces La Medusa, a new line of deeply fabulous leather handbags that come in fresh and bold pops of colour from soft lilac to deep red. Naturally, a Medusa-head plaque is prominently displayed—the same plaque that adorns the doors of Via Gesù 12, Versace’s first headquarters in Milan.

Portrayed by modern-day muses such as Hailey Bieber, Precious Lee and Kendall Jenner wearing Trésor de la Mer-printed dresses and sleek wet hair in Versace’s spring/summer 2021 campaign, consider the La Medusa handbag as the ultimate accessory that takes you from daytime jaunts to the pulsating beats of nightlife.

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