Uniqlo's AIRism technology has been a huge favourite due to its comfort and breathability, qualities that have already created massive buzz for its face masks well before their release on Sept 14

Addressing growing public concern about the environmental impact of single-use face mask, Uniqlo will be launching the reusable AIRism Mask in Malaysia after a successful release in Japan in June. Keeping with the Japanese brand's signature minimalist design, the masks are available in either black or white.

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The triple-layer mesh structure of the mask along with its woven inner layer feels smooth on the skin, making running errands under the sun more bearable. Gone also are the days when you are constantly pinching the malleable plastic strap of single-use masks on your nose as the AIRism masks come in three sizes and are stretchable for a snug fit.

Uniqlo claims that the nano-filter middle layer of the mask blocks 99 per cent of bacteria and pollen which will not only protect you from nasty microorganisms but also shield you from irritants that cause the dreaded maskne. Elegant and simple, machine washable as well as protective, the AIRism masks cater to the contemporary taste for practicality and style.

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