Cover Tumi launches first-ever profession Esports line of bags and accessories (Photo: Courtesy of Tumi)

The luxury travel and lifestyle brand's first-ever pro-level Esports line features bags and accessories designed with elite Esports athletes in mind

Hot on the heels of their collaboration with McLaren, Tumi is launching its first-ever pro-level Esports line of bags and accessories. The luxury travel and lifestyle brand consulted with numerous industry experts, including game developers and professional esports athletes to design top-of-the-line bags that not only meet, but exceed, the needs of today's gamers.

Last year, Tumi partnered with One Esports, an esports data and analytics company to provide exclusive products for gamers. Esports is a booming industry. Professional esports athletes have become superstars in their own right, amassing more than 700 million fans globally. It's predicted that given the continuous growth of esports, it will be one of the top-earning sports leagues in the world.

In developing this first-of-its-kind line, Tumi gained insights from gamers on what they're looking for when it comes to protecting their tech and gear. And true to the Tumi DNA, each style was built to last with detail for functionality packaged in the sleekest designs.

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"For this collection, we looked towards those whose passion is gaming—just as innovation is ours. We channelled that vigour to create the ultimate collection for every gamer," says Victor Sanz, creative director at Tumi.

"Now more than ever, we see gaming as an outlet to escape our realities, striving to be the champions we all want to be. So, with guidance from those who know the industry best, we immersed ourselves into the gaming community and created innovative products they haven't experienced yet," he adds.

Showcasing Tumi's innovative nature, various components of the collection have been crafted with high-performance recycled materials, protecting the gear that matters most. The highlight of the collection is the Esports Large Pro Backpack which offers functionality equally fit for players at any level.

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The unique collapsible shelves optimise organisation and protection. The backpack also features a padded, expandable back pocket to hold multiple keyboards, mouse and other valuable tech essentials while an additional padded laptop sleeve is located in the interiors. Drives and other similarly sized accessories can be secured in the rigid, moulded side pockets while the integrated USB port will keep gamers powered on the go.

When smaller devices are all players need, Tumi also has compact designs such as the Pro Sling, Pro Accessories Case and Pro Crossbody with dimensions perfect for a handheld gaming console and peripherals. Additionally, there's even a designated pocket that holds wireless earbuds. If you're gaming at home, the ample pocket space and purposeful design allow you to stay organised.

The Tumi Esports collection is available at Tumi stores in Hong Kong. For more details, please visit

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